Disclosure Policy

The guidelines regarding disclosures on As Told By Women are straightforward and transparent.

In my capacity as both a beauty writer and blogger, I frequently receive complimentary products for review purposes. It’s important to note that some of the posts on my blog contain deep links via affiliate sites. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may earn a small commission. Additionally, I occasionally utilize affiliate links on Twitter, which are clearly denoted as such with “*AD.”

It’s essential to emphasize that I never compromise the integrity of my reviews for any form of compensation or incentive. Positive reviews are never exchanged for products or other benefits. Any sponsored content is always clearly labeled as such.

Furthermore, I want to stress that there’s no guarantee of a positive review for any product. I review items as I encounter them, and I refrain from accepting sponsorship or advertising for products that don’t meet my standards. I receive numerous sponsorship and advertising requests, but I only accept those that align with the values of As Told By Women and resonate with our audience.

Regarding advertising, I selectively feature ads in the sidebar of my website. These ads are meticulously chosen to ensure relevance to the As Told By Women community.

It’s important to clarify that I don’t charge any fees for organic reviews, photography, or social media posts related to beauty products. Additionally, all content is either scheduled in advance or posted in real-time, depending on my availability.

While generating revenue is necessary to sustain As Told By Women, maintaining honesty and integrity remains our top priority. Readers can trust that our product reviews are genuine and offer valuable insights.

In addition to my role with As Told By Women, I provide consultancy services to brands and agencies within the beauty industry. These services encompass various activities, including creative ideation, social media strategy, and product development guidance. I charge a fee for these services based on my extensive experience as a journalist, buyer, and consumer in the beauty sector.

Lastly, I collaborate with brands to curate beauty boxes that provide readers with carefully selected products at affordable prices. While this venture is commercial in nature, I personally handpick each item and collaborate closely with brands to ensure the selection aligns with the ethos of As Told By Women.