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appreciate the small things in life

Kimmy Smith is a founder, an ex-professional athlete, fitness instructor, qualified yoga teacher and mother to two girls, who is on a mission to support and empower women to embrace the journey of motherhood.


Lauren Parr

 “If I had only known what was yet to come… I wish I could go back and hug my younger self and tell her that life gets so much better. I believe the broken road I have traveled, led me right here to this beautiful life. Art saved me, and then I saved myself.”

finally, a pregnancy test for women by women

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being a mother has truly made me a force

Candace Alnaji is an award-winning attorney, blogger, writer, speaker, humorist, and mom of three (including twins). She is founder and author of the popular blog, The Mom at Law, a platform that supports women through all stages of career and motherhood.

i haven't changed,
but i have grown

Richa Tiwari is a Food and Lifestyle Blogger who creates content about food, travel and lifestyle. She is a new mother and loves exploring the joys of motherhood.

erica brown

dear OG boobs,

“I miss you. I know, I said I wouldn’t care if you were here or not, but I do. I know that I didn’t say goodbye to you both before I decided to cut you off and replace you, I should have. I should have had one last HOORAH before we parted ways.  I don’t know what that would have looked like, but I didn’t celebrate all that you gave me, I only wanted to rid of what you could give me.”

Ashley Stahmer is a recent graduate who is passionate about writing and women’s rights.

“There is a big, beautiful, scary, exciting world out there, and you will get to see it. Take a breath, and enjoy where you’re at.”

Ashley Stahmer


hard work
pays off

Shahd Faisal Khidir is an influencer, marketing, and public relations consultant whose mission is all about empowering women


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