As Told By Women

Mental Health

Shay Shaughessy: You Are Valid

Shay Shaughessy shares about her mental health journey with a hope that everyone will know they are never alone in their struggles and that all of our stories are worth sharing.

Cathryn Dylan is an actress, writer, producer, and advocate for Human and Animal Rights. In this article, Cathryn talks about fear of failure and refusing to give up.

Body Positivity

You Are Worth Fighting For by Karina Diaz

Karina Diaz spent most of her life struggling with her weight. Then, in 2013, she lost her brother and turned to food for comfort. It took her years to finally decide to take her life back and now she is living her best and healthiest life.

Jalynn Schroeder is a Mom, a wife, and a business owner. How does she juggle it all? She ignores the doubters and follows her gut.

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Lorena Hixson: Do You Like You?

Lorena Hixson is on a journey of self-love & self-worth. She is passionate about empowering and supporting women to have the confidence and skills to be a better vision of themselves.

Lauren Carbone: Bringing Back My Joy

After years of going around in circles and abusing alcohol as a coping mechanism for anxiety and low self-esteem, Lauren Carbone is finally on a serious journey of finding herself, getting sober, and bringing back her joy.