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donuts over diet culture

Emily Van is a Body Positive advocate, on an ED recovery journey and considers herself a diet culture dropout.


Kiki Wong

“Never EVER give up. Even if you fail, fail again. Fail, fail, fail again until you succeed.”

finally, a pregnancy test for women by women

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don't wait
to create a
better world

Lana Weidgenant is a Brazilian immigrant to the United States who is passionate about various activism and advocacy efforts centering around food, climate, and youth empowerment.

flow through life. grow through life.

Julie Arballo aka Jules is the co-owner of a local coffee shop in the Phoenix area, an independent fitness & mindset coach, and a writer.

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Catherine Cornelissen

Stop Making Excuses For Yourself

 “If we put the work in, we can carve a life that is unique to us. I think we all deserve everything we can imagine, it just depends how hard you are willing to work to get there and what you are willing to sacrifice along the way.”

MoniCa Singh is an international speaker on various subjects such as violence against women, Self-Empowerment, and changing the way of perspective

“Don’t try to become someone else. It is who you are which defines your super power. Be the mirror of yourself, be your own society, be your own idol & be grateful for life to experience infinite opportunities and feelings.”

MoniCa Singh


focus on
the voices
that matter

Ilana Griffo is an artist and author living in Upstate New York. Most of her work is custom illustrations or lettering, but she also wrote her first book in January, called Mind Your Business.

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