As Told By Women


your size does not define your worth

Roxy Earle has used her confidence to help break down social barriers and has given a voice to a large group of women who deserve to be heard. She continues to promote, collaborate and celebrate trends toward inclusive sizing and growing confidence.


Taylor Chandler

“You have to know within yourself that whatever your talent is, it’s yours and no one can take that from you. Worrying about what others are doing doesn’t help your own progression.”

finally, a pregnancy test for women by women

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it's time to heal yourself

Stevie Moon believes the message of healing is so important, especially for women. Every day, she creates content to share the skills, tools, and education with the intention to empower women to heal themselves.

socially brave

Wendy Knipp is a wife, mother, and creator of Socially Brave. She shows women how to move past fear, gain confidence, be socially brave and live their best life unapologetically.

bessy gatto

finding my village

“No matter how big or small our parenting woes are, I’m finding out that we all need to feel like we are doing our best. Like we aren’t the only ones who are not getting it right. I want to say ‘man this is really hard’ and have someone say ‘I know’. I want someone to say that perfect social media photos and pinterest boards are not all real. That sometimes motherhood is ugly and painful and so very lonely. And that’s why I’m always honest about my parenting experience. Because we as moms need to know that we are enough.”

Joanna Lohman was a professional athlete for fourteen years. She is a human rights activist, a professional speaker for leading organizations.

“No longer are we isolated and alone. Together we reach higher than we ever could on our own. 1 by 1 by 1 – with the power of visibility we make social progress.”

Joanna Lohman


you were born empowered

Hanaa Fouad is an Egyptian Wellness Blogger and ASMR artist who believes her souls’ purpose on Earth is to help in any way she can. She just wants to help people live happier lives.


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