We currently live in a society where fitness companies sell overpriced activewear, promote modelesque fitness bodies, perpetuate fitness stereotypes, and rely heavily on celebrity endorsements. What happened to affordable activewear? What happened to a supportive fitness culture instead of constantly competing with one another? It’s exhausting to see this negative fitness cycle continue with big name companies and all of the “fitness divas” perpetuating a competitive and unwelcoming environment. Most people including myself are completely sick of it. 

That’s why we started POWWFUL, a women-owned women-run activewear brand, with one goal in mind: Changing the conversation on fitness and empowerment. Our core philosophy stems from the belief that active wear should be fun, celebrate a woman’s body, and respect everyone’s individual fitness journey. Our products aim to showcase strong and empowered women in fitness. We never use professional models and never alter or airbrush a woman’s body.

I come from a marketing background, and prior to Powwful, I owned a fashion startup called Style Check-In, a subscription based e-commerce for women’s fashion. I was exposed to different parts of e-commerce and learned a lot about starting a brand. I have always been an extremely active person and I am very involved in boutique fitness. When I'm having a bad day, there's nothing that lifts my mood better than putting myself through a grueling sweat session. When I exercise, I feel this is the time I’m giving back to myself. It belongs to me and no one else. I can't imagine anything more empowering than taking full charge of one's personal well-being on all levels.

That’s why I believe, when it comes to taking on a fitness routine, we should feel comfortable in our bodies. We should support each other’s progress. We should strive to empower and uplift each other instead of competing. POWWFUL is for women who are simply embracing a healthier lifestyle the best way that they can. Who are content to make small, positive choices like walking more, drinking more water and stretch more to feel happier and healthier.

More About Wen

Wen Yao is the co-founder of POWWFUL, a company inspired by the belief that the only moment you truly have is this one. She's a marketing guru, a product prototyping expert, a fitness fiend, a color enthusiast, and a wicked dry sense of humor, all this and more put her smack in the center of everything we love.

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