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Violett Beane

I started really focusing on acting in my last two years of high school, when the impending doom of college applications began. It wasn’t that I was bad at school, I just knew that type of regimen wasn’t going to be my future. I was living in Austin, Texas at the time, so I Googled talent agents in my area and started going out on auditions and sending in tapes to LA casting directors. I eventually met my manager and began working on projects and traveling for all kinds of shows, like to Vancouver for “The Flash” and Atlanta for “The Resident”. One thing I noticed with traveling so much, was how difficult it can be to consistently find healthy and fast food.

My journey with food has been an interesting and progressive one. From eating only bread and cheese up until my teens, to now living a mostly plant-based and gluten-free lifestyle. I’ve dealt with a handful of food intolerances and preferences throughout the year, which has shaped what I eat now, made easier by the fact that I love to cook! For those wondering, I call my diet plant-based because there can be a lot of stigma or judgement from all angles when you adhere to a certain label. I don’t eat meat, poultry or animal bi-products such as milk and cheese. I do however occasionally eat responsibly caught fish and safely harvested honey.

I’ve tried a lot of different diets and lifestyles including Paleo and Vegan, and I’ve been on mine now for 5 months and feel amazing! I find it really fun and interesting coming across new recipes and crafting my own with new foods I never would have tried before. I hated mushrooms and tomatoes until I tried veganism and realized they are amazing! I also find it very fun to feed my friends vegan cheeses and vegan/gluten-free desserts and not tell them, so that I can get their honest opinion. When they can’t tell, that one’s a keeper! I wanted to share one of my very favorite simple chocolate chip cookie recipes from @paleoglutenfreeeats. It has no gluten, no grains, no dairy, no eggs, no oil, and no refined sugar. And the best part is YOU. CANT. TELL!

Website for the recipe:

Deciding to go vegan happened in an instance. I realized what I was doing to living, breathing creatures and how it was shaping and effecting the world around me. Plants use an immensely less amount of water and land to harvest, which helps heal the land and air on Earth. Buying fruits, vegetables, and legumes-even organic- is more often cheaper than buying meat. I’m 100% not trying to push my diet onto anyone, but I encourage you to branch out and try different foods you might not normally because it can be really exciting! Not to mention good for your body, and healing to the world. 

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violett beane

Actress Violett Beane is best known as ‘Jesse Quick’ on The CW’s series “The Flash”. Violett will next be seen in the new Fox drama series “The Resident” and the Blumhouse/Universal Pictures’ horror film “Truth or Dare”. 

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