Take a Deep Breath, Your Ideas Will Unfold in Perfect Timing

by Christine Bradstreet

Have you noticed that to make progress you have to sometimes do the exact opposite of what your inner chatter is urging you to do?

The best thing I can do when I feel stuck or uncertain about the next step is to take my foot OFF the gas.

I get quiet with the intention of doing absolutely nothing.

Using stillness to inspire action.

I’m forever amazed by this principle.

This isn’t to say I just sit around and wait for things to magically appear. Anyone who spends a day with me knows that’s not the case.

But I make time for quiet reflection every day.

The more amped up the chatter in my head gets, the more I feel like I need to control things, the more tension I feel in my body, the more I know I need to step back and allow things to unfold.

“Thus the dawn of ideas goes on, forming each successive stage of progress.” -Mary Baker Eddy

You see, the answers are already there. You don’t have to come up with them. You don’t have to force them.

The answers exist, and they’re waiting to unfold.

Things in the spiritual world work opposite to what we believe in this material world.

Sometimes you have to do what you least expect to see the next step.

So instead of doing, doing, doing, I get quiet and I listen. If I don’t get an immediate answer, that’s ok too. I know the answer will appear. It always does.

Here are a few things I do when I’m not sure of my next direction.

  1. I take a walk
  2. I take a long shower
  3. I work on my yard
  4. I go for a bicycle ride
  5. I sit quietly and meditate
 The point is, I let it go.

What do you do when someone keeps nagging you or tries to cling to you? If your like me, you move in the opposite direction.

Your ideas work the same way. Relentlessly pursue them and they’ll keep hiding.

Instead of nagging them and chasing them down, try letting them come to you.

It’s an exercise in trust, but I know you’ll have more inspiration, more personal peace, less anxiety, and more creativity.


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christine bradstreet

Dr. Bradstreet is a natural health and wellness expert and life enrichment coach. She is a retired Chiropractor, a certified Health Coach, a life coach, a Metaphysician, and a Spiritual Mentor. She dedicates her life to helping people create the lives of their dreams while encouraging them to positively change their mind, thoughts, and beliefs.

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