Jesi Cason: Choose Your Own Path

Jesi Cason knows that where she started doesn’t dictate where she’s going. Despite many hardships growing up, she has gone on to run a profitable photography company.

Body Positivity

Lorena Hixson: Do You Like You?

Lorena Hixson is on a journey of self-love & self-worth. She is passionate about empowering and supporting women to have the confidence and skills to be a better vision of themselves.


Kristen Froehlich: You Are Here For A Purpose

Kristen Froehlich is a self-love advocate, healthy living coach, and a sexual assault & relationship abuse survivor who wants to help women and men around the world know their worth, heal and see that they are not alone.

Breast Cancer

Marsha McDougal: The Power Of Perspective

Marsha McDougal shared her fight against breast cancer journey in the hopes of inspiring others to fight through whatever challenges or obstacles they may encounter and to let them know they are not alone.

Mental Health

Shay Shaughessy: You Are Valid

Shay Shaughessy shares about her mental health journey with a hope that everyone will know they are never alone in their struggles and that all of our stories are worth sharing.


Liz Martinez: I Am Capable

Liz Martinez is a small business owner from Delaware who decided to chase her dreams and live her life with intention. She is a friend, supporter, and listener to anyone who crosses her path.


Hannah Dordick: You Have All The Power

Hannah Dordick has been in a loving relationship with sobriety for 6 years now. Instead of following the “normal” path of recovery, Hannah created her own and ended up finding her true self.

Mental Health

Emily Jo Morgan: Choose Life

Emily Jo was able to heal from major debilitating anxiety to discover the vivacious, vibrant, and extroverted girl that was hiding under the fear all along. 

Body Positivity

Danielle Mellor: You Are A Warrior

Danielle Mellor is on a self-healing journey. While discovering more about herself, she has learned how important it is to share her story.


Masha Zvereva: Learn and Grow

Masha Zvereva is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, content creator, and educator. She is a stereotype challenger and girl with big dreams and ambitions.

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