Hannah Dordick: You Have All The Power

Hannah Dordick has been in a loving relationship with sobriety for 6 years now. Instead of following the “normal” path of recovery, Hannah created her own and ended up finding her true self.

Body Positivity

Roxy Earle: Your Size Does Not Define Your Worth

Roxy Earle is bringing empowerment to women of all shapes and sizes. Her confidence has helped break down social barriers and has given a voice to a large group of women who deserve to be heard.


Wendy Knipp: Socially Brave

Wendy Knipp shows women how to move past fear, gain confidence, be socially brave and live their best life unapologetically.

Body Positivity

Sarah Lorraine Robinson: Honor Yourself Wholly

Sarah is a fat babe with a passion for helping others. She hopes that through standing in her truth, she will fuel a revolution of bravery & honesty that leads to more meaningful human connections.