I Haven't Changed,
But I Have Grown

Richa Tiwari

What are the things that you absolutely love, cherish, and enjoy about being a new Mother?
“ Love at first sight is real” ask any mother and she will say yes!

Well, I am no different and fell in love with my little one the moment I saw him. The feeling of holding, smelling and kissing him for the first time is priceless and difficult to describe in words. No matter how hard the pregnancy days were this little miracle made me forget it all and I realized it’s all worth it and I’m ready to do it all over again. Those tears of happiness are precious when you see your baby smiling at you.

What are the things that are most difficult about being a new Mother?
I will say Breastfeeding. I always thought it would be the most natural thing to do. But that’s not the case.
Both mother and baby have to work it out. It needs patience, lots of patience.
I gave a surprising look to my doctor when she asked ‘are you committed to breastfeeding your baby’ and I was thinking why would she even ask that. Isn’t that we are supposed to do? Later realized it’s not easy.

The initial days are really tough when you have to deal with your own recovering body, fluctuating hormones, low milk supply, hungry baby, sleepless nights.

My baby used to fuss a lot initially at breast and it’s difficult to figure out the reason of a crying baby. It came to a point where I almost felt like giving up breastfeeding, but thankfully things improved.

What is a moment that really made an impact on you as a new Mom?
I don’t think I am changed as a person. I am still me. I haven’t changed, but I have grown. I am learning how to use all the available time I have and prioritizing things like catching up with blogging work while the baby sleeps . 
Life is exhausting but definitely, more beautiful and better with my son in it.


richa tiwari

Richa Tiwari is a Food and Lifestyle Blogger, based out of Mumbai, India. She blogs and creates content about food, travel and lifestyle. She is a new mother and loves exploring the joys of motherhood

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