Becoming the Owner of my Destiny

By Laura Hobbs

Hi, friends! I’m Laura Hobbs, owner of Darling Creative, a communications nano-agency run out of my home office in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I’m a writer first and foremost, which led me into the world of email marketing, social media management, and ad/website copy. I’m also a photographer; I’ve got a photography studio in my home’s loft space, where I shoot everything from professional headshots to chocolate bars. 

Prior to starting Darling Creative, I’d been working in the corporate yoga and wellness world for three years; prior to that, I was in the legal world for seven years. The common thread between my two career paths was, I never felt like I was the owner of my own destiny. My time and my career’s trajectory were owned by the company I was working for and steered by someone else’s judgment of my performance. The management hierarchy made me feel powerless and trapped, which eventually led to apathy and resentment. I wanted to be at the helm of my own future and the owner of my time—and especially to be my own boss.

In December 2014, I quit my job as the managing editor of a well-established yoga and wellness company. I gave up a reliable salary, good benefits, and the day-to-day structure of working for a corporation. My husband and I took some time off to travel, recalibrating our careers and our relationship. During our travels, I read Tara Mohr’s Playing Big, which helped me realize my potential as a solopreneur, toss aside my nagging self-doubt, and conceptualize my business. I’d always told myself that I didn’t have the discipline or motivation to be self-employed, but in reality, this was merely a story I’d been telling myself to keep me safe from the unknown. We returned to the States in the spring of 2015 and I started Darling Creative within a few weeks. I’ve now been in business for over three years; I’ve doubled my income since leaving my corporate job and feel freer, more confident, and more capable than any other time in my career.

The moral of this story? Don’t let your fears stop you from being happy. Take the leap of faith. Stop doing things you hate and start doing what you love. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Laura hobbs

Laura Hobbs is the owner of Darling Creative, a communications nano-agency. She is copywriter and copy editor who helps small businesses find their voices and sound like a human through website copy, social media, emails, and blogging.

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