Introduce yourself! Who are you?
I founded last year when I was trying to put my life back together. I had just left a verbally abusive job situation, not because I wanted to, but because my fiance’s brother had just been murdered in Honduras. Honestly, I didn’t even know that I was IN an abusive environment… until I tried to get out. When I told my boss I needed to be with my fiancé and his family and attend his funeral, he said, no. I was the National Wedding Sales manager for a global company and it was booking season, he said my absence would disrupt the flow of sales. When I tried to quit. HE WOULDN’T LET ME QUIT. I had to hire a lawyer to help me quit because I wasn’t able to stand up to him alone… it was that bad. 

When I was finally freed, I cried for a good week from relief before I could get myself together to pack my bags to move to Honduras. Once I arrived, life started getting hard again. I was in a third world country where I didn’t speak the language, didn’t understand the culture, and didn’t know anyone (except a few of my fiance’s friends). Now I grew up in Taiwan and moved to America when I was 16 years old so I know a few things about international travel and transition, but nothing prepared me for not being able to communicate.

I felt like a mute foreign girl living in a country with one of the world's highest murder rates… I was scared but more than anything, I felt utterly alone. I started to regret my decision to ever leave Chicago. Although my boss didn’t treat me great, I had a purpose and was extremely good at my job. My job had become a big chunk of my identity and it was very hard to let it go. I was also making bank, living in the heart of the city, partying every night, making new friends, and constantly taking elaborate vacations because I could afford to and wanted to. My parents were teachers and I hated how little they got paid. I wanted to be rich and I felt like I was on my way. 

Thankfully I have the best (now husband) who helped me get through the year by encouraging me to view the move as a blessing and to take all the spare time I had now to find a new purpose outside my job – something that belonged to me. It was so ironic since I had moved there for him, but being the selfless man that he is, he was there for me more than ever. All my skills I had acquired in the states were useless in Honduras. Plus it doesn’t help that there are no job openings either, let alone not being able to speak Spanish. 

I had to find a way to make money somehow but hadn’t the slightest clue how to. However, I knew that it had to be online so I started researching. I realized I needed to become a female entrepreneur, whatever that meant, so I started a blog to collect information about female entrepreneurs for myself. I wanted to call it ladybossblog but that was taken so I bought instead which I am so glad about because all the social media handles were available! I named it lady boss blogger because I wanted to be a lady boss and blog about lady bosses!

You can continue reading what happened after that on my interview with the Huffington Post or my interview on ladybossblogger where I interviewed myself after officially becoming an entrepreneur myself to celebrate my first entrepreneurial dollars!

Who would you say is your #1 inspiration?
My desire is to fill the media with stories about powerful every day women and change women’s mindsets about themselves. The media plays a powerful part in how we see ourselves, what we think we can achieve, and what limitations we put on ourselves. The more women are properly portrayed, the more women will rise up in leadership and push past their self-limiting beliefs. That is the goal behind #LadyBossBlogger.

What is one thing no one really knows about you?
I am kind of an open book so one thing that everyone who knows me knows about me is that I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE. I think I may have an addiction honestly haha! 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Life if not fair. My dad used to always say that to me whenever I complained. Years later I realize that his advice has stuck and has helped me to stop complaining about situations and start figuring out how to solve the problem instead! 

What would you say to 16 year old you?
America is great! It’s better than it looks right now. The culture shock will wear off in a few years and I promise it will get better. It will become your home.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
YOU are the secret ingredient to your success. No one else can be you and once you tap into WHO YOU ARE, you’ll flourish. Now, note that I said “tap into” meaning just touching the surface. The hard part about figuring out who we are is knowing and accepting that it will ALWAYS be a process. You will never fully ‘know’ yourself because if you do, you’ve stopped growing. Strive to get to know yourself better and you’ll not only become a blessing to yourself, you’ll become a blessing to others. 

What do you love most about yourself?
I love that women feel vulnerable with me and come to me in their times of need. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a phone call or someone shows up at my door simply because they need to talk. I love that they feel safe with me and it makes me feel helpful.

Do you have a favorite photo of yourself? has some of my favorite pictures of myself!

What motivates you most?
Honestly, I’m quite hard on myself, which motivates me to do better. There isn’t any ‘entrepreneurial blood’ in my family so I have had to figure everything out on my own, which motivates me more because I want to show them that there is another way to live life!

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
So far, being featured on the Huffington Post!

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
I read lots of articles online to make sure that I am well informed on what is happening in the world of blogging. Not only is it interesting to me, I am constantly learning new ideas on how to improve my business and blog. 

What is something on your bucket list?
I just checked off something on my bucket list actually! I just came back from Thailand! I have been wanting to go there since forever ago because people always confused Taiwan with Thailand and I wanted to go there to see the difference myself so I could inform people haha! Check out my pictures from Thailand by following me on my personal Instagram account @elainerau.

What are your biggest passions?
I am passionate about changing the media’s landscape in how women are represented, that is what I hope to accomplish with the blog and my professional Instagram @ladybossblogger where I feature a new female entrepreneur and business resource every day.

More About Elaine

Elaine Rau is the founder of, an online platform to promote other female entrepreneurs.
Elaine has a passion for elevating and showcasing amazing women in business while changing the perception of women in leadership.

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