Some advice for the woman who is starting a blog or business:

Don't be defined by your difficult days. As a creative sometimes we have such big expectations on ourselves. We will hit writer/photography/fashion blocks. Sometimes it lasts a day, a week, or in bad cases a month. But it will pass. You have to remind yourself that you're still successful, and that the process of a creator is never ending. This too shall pass.

That being said, you're always doing a lot better than you give yourself credit. Seriously, you're creating something, how incredible are you?! Stop comparing yourself and where you're at to where others are at. Define your own goals, and be patient and hardworking. Good things come to those who hustle. Pick a positive mantra to say daily to remind yourself who YOU are, and how important YOUR passions are. You're gonna succeed. No doubt.

More About Naomi

Naomi Malone is a lifestyle blogger based in Windsor, Ontario. She is passionate about traveling and fashion.
Naomi loves spending her free time with her wonderful husband and cats.

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