The Right Way
vs The Long Way

By Kristen Mackoul

I was 17 graduating high school. I was tested as gifted so I skipped 2nd grade, making me younger than everyone else in my class. After graduation I had zero sense of direction in life, but I started taking classes at a community college. During this time I was so unhappy. At one point I was literally crying after class from the frustration of aimlessness yet still feeling obligated to be there. I finally got tired of forcing myself to give in to the pressure of family and society, and I dropped all my classes. I was working at Ulta at the time and became passionately curious about the beauty industry. There was a stigma I was predisposed to that hairstylists didn’t make good money, and it’s an exhausting job standing all day. It took awhile to commit to enrolling in cosmetology school, going totally against what my dad wanted for me, but I did. And I am so glad I did. Right out of school, I was lucky enough to quickly build a solid clientele, and I began running my own business- all by myself at 20 years old. Today I’m currently booked out 2+ months in the salon making more income than I ever thought I would see as a hair artist. 

moral of the story

Follow your heart. No matter what other people think is best for you, YOU know what’s best for you. Go in that direction, even if it’s going against the grain. When you love your career, you will naturally put 100% into perfecting it- and when you’re working that hard, the money will come regardless. 

Kristen Mackoul

Kristen is a fiery twenty-something-year-old who is constantly chasing life and challenging herself. She is also a hair artist, creating major transformations behind the chair

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