Hi my names Kimmy. I’m from, and grew up in Wilmington Delaware for the last 26 years. I grew up with an amazing family, amazing childhood. I just thought there was always something bigger out there for me, than what was going on around me. I guess it’s the opposite of the usual story “things were bad and I needed to leave”. Things were amazing, but I need to be challenged to feel alive. I felt and feel something in me still that screams “I want to save lives”. I want to help people.
This could have meant absolutely anything though. So thought okay do I want to be a nurse? A cop? Go around and volunteer at homeless shelters? Write a really inspiring book? I use the positivity and amazing grounding my parents gave me and whole family actually, gave me..to try and help. I have so much and want to give back so badly. I try to do that with continuous positivity because I’ve somehow been blessed with the ability to do so. I’ve seen so many people who have the same things or even more than I do who don't have a good attitude and I realized in the last few years that attitude is everything.
I felt super stuck and always wanted to travel and absolutely, again; love challenges. I felt stuck in Delaware and like I was stunting my growth by being stuck in between four walls. Something hit me and I joined the Army. A friend of mine, Brittany, had been in the Army and told me a lot about it, and then at the time my cousin Shannon joined and so I got to learn a lot more about what it was about. We all think omg Army you’re going to war?! You’re going to travel around the world and do the worst possible things...again I wanted to save lives. If that ended up being the case then that's what I signed up for. I signed up for the National Guard, which is similar to the how the reserves works. I don't do much compared to active Army so more props to them. I wanted to fulfill myself in that way and push myself to higher standards and then also give me time on the civilian side to pursue the entertainment industry.

After getting back from basic training, I was home for a month and booked a one way flight to Los Angeles and moved. Funny how so easy it seems when I say it like that, but it was and still is rough. Rough..but so so so worth it. So thats where I am now. I am pursuing my desire to dance, entertain, film, podcasts, advertising, journalism and learn everything about whatever else I can dive into. The people I’ve met are amazing. It feels amazing to pursue what you truly want in life. My main “purpose” through anything I do is to bring positivity. I’ll be doing Instagram videos and YouTube videos to do that through dance, comedy and skits.
It brings something alive in you when you stay true to yourself and regardless of what everyone else says about how “far” that is, how “expensive” that is...if you want it and throw yourself in the middle and just DO IT...nothing can stop you. Whatever bad things you’re going through right now are only temporary. Theres been numerous times where things got great again after being bad, and I was like yes this was because I had these certain positive thoughts DURING the times when it was bad.
Work through it no matter what. Even if you have to force positivity, which I do often..you find that you complain less. If you’re really going through it, heal yourself. Do the minor things and heal yourself and focus on simply just getting by until you can eventually ask for and manage a little more happiness. I’m in love with the process and the challenge. Always keep going.

More About Kimmy

Kimmy Holcomb is a member of the National Guard and aspires to work in the entertainment industry. She grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and recently decided to move to Los Angeles a month after completing basic training.
Kimmy is passionate about spreading positivity in any way she can. She has an immense love for dance and all aspects involved in putting a smile on people's faces.

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