Did you know that more than half a million adults in Canada live with a learning disability? Well, I am one of those half a million.

27 years ago, I was born at Doctor’s Hospital in The Bahamas. At a week old I was readmitted to the hospital with a high fever, stayed a week and then I was released. I then began having seizures, so my family Doctor arranged for my parents to take me to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. After extensive testing I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and would stay at the hospital for three weeks. The after effects of this illness were being diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder which also had a negative effect on my reading and writing skills.

All through my childhood I struggled in school, but I was lucky enough to get after school help and tutoring. The coping skills that I acquired made me realize that through hard work and optimism anything is possible. Basically, I have to throw my self-doubt out the window, work hard and focus!

I am very proud that I was able to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in the scheduled four years.  I found what worked for me and stuck with it!  I always introduced myself to my Professor’s, sat in the front of the classroom and asked my peers for help.  I am quite talkative aka a chatter box and have always found it easy to talk with anyone, so that really helped me get any information I needed.

When I first started my post graduate program in communications four years ago I was terrified because predominantly the communications profession involves writing. I had many moments of thinking “am I making the right career choice?”, “am I smart enough to make it in this profession?”, “will my writing ability hold me back?”. But as I started getting more confident in myself and my abilities I started to say to myself that everything will work out in the end and I am going in the right direction.

Today I have three years of communications work experience under my belt and I am extremely excited for my future. Of course, there are days where I re read something a million times over and I start to second guess myself, but I make sure that every Monday I write down my accomplishments and challenges that I had the previous week. It’s very important to not only reflect but to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small they might seem.

What I love most about the future is that no matter what age or stage in life you are in, you are continuously learning and growing.

More About Kelsey

Kelsey Muir is a Healthcare Communications professional based in Toronto. She enjoys tackling projects and developing creative solutions.
Kelsey, at her core, is a social media lover, digital designer, storyteller, communicator and event planner.

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