I’ve done the one size fits all, stuck in a box, uninspiring, standard life plan—it didn’t work out. Some years ago, I was overworked, uninspired and bummed out.  I was doing the day-to-day like a sad, broken robot. Then I got news that my father was dying and I had diabetes. Just like that, my perspective shifted, my priorities crystallized and I decided that I was going to start living on my own terms once and for all. I journeyed through some serious craziness, from buying into a phony franchise, losing 1.5 Million to successfully selling a homegrown concept.

I experienced rock bottom and sky high. I learned so much about business and taking risks that the whole process made me want more than anything to help other people find their vibe and live their life as it’s meant to be. That was how The Startup Factory was born. I wanted to help people overcome their own adversities in order to live a more fulfilled awake existence by creating a business that drives them every morning.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel exhilarated by life, break their nasty, negative patterns and make REAL changes so they can be genuinely happy. My study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and psychology provides the infrastructure for my work helping others overcome their daily challenges and manifest the business of their dreams.

For every client we take on, we create a tailored plan suited for their specific and special situation and personality. I’m not interested in creating a one size fits all guidebook to business—because that doesn’t get real results. If we work together, we’re doing it for the long run. There are no quick fixes for sustainable, long-term business success.

I had some serious setbacks and failures in life and business, but I’ve been able to bounce back and leverage this experience to help guide my clients better. Together, we make sure they are armed with a roadmap for their business and the successful habits they need to navigate it. With this information, they are able to make intelligent, proactive decisions that benefit them now and in the long term.

More About Hiba

Hiba Balfaqih is the Founder and ShEO of The Startup Factory. She is a serial entrepreneur who was stretching herself too thin before deciding to make a change.
Hiba is all about empowering others to change their mindset and improve their lives.

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