“Everything happens for a reason”. This saying has been prevalent in my life. It’s funny to look back on the past and see so many signs nudging me to this moment in time. I was born in South Africa yet it never felt my like my home. I never felt national pride that so many of my other friends did – I always felt like I was searching for a place where I’d belong. Looking back, I can see how everything (good and bad) happened to lead me to the country that feels like it was destined to be my home all along – Canada. Now I’m here and feel like the pieces are clicking into place just as they should. 

At nineteen, I moved here to study Hospitality Management. I thought that I’d be happy working my way up the hotel career ladder, but then I discovered a love for event planning. I was so lucky to intern for a company founded by two sisters that inspired me to believe that my dream of working for myself and running my own business was, in fact, attainable. From that day on, I haven’t been able to let go of my dream, and it followed me throughout all the other jobs I worked along the way.

As much as I wanted to drop everything and start my business, it didn’t feel like the right time. Money was an issue, but more so, confidence. Yet I was frustrated feeling unfulfilled in my career choices, it felt like life was just being wasted with no purpose. Ultimately this led to a dark time where I wanted to just give up and never leave the house. It was in those moments that I had to discover strength and positivity. Slowly but surely I worked through depression and social anxiety. In the process, I found so much gratitude in where life had brought me, and I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted to work towards. 

It was then that I started my business. First as an Etsy store that specialized in giant knit blankets and prints. I learnt much from this experience and I felt so much accomplishment from creating something I loved and was proud of. I unfortunately had to put that venture on pause. I have now returned stronger and more focused on what I want to achieve – a brand. Foxxy By Nature is a lifestyle blog and a business I feel passionate about. It’s a platform where I can share my journey trying to live self-sustainably and embrace a positive lifestyle enjoying every moment to its fullest. I know that bad days happen, and they always will, but now I try to see the good in a bad situation instead of letting it discourage me. The moment I started working for myself, it felt like my life shifted into place. Even though I am still in the newborn phase, I know for the first time without a doubt that this is what I was meant to do. Everything happens for a reason.

More About Gia

Gia Raffanti is a blogger and certified event planner. After moving from South Africa to Canada she is finally making a dream a reality by starting her own brand, Foxxy By Nature.
Gia is passionate about her journey to a more sustainable and natural lifestyle. After years of struggling with depression and anxiety, she loves to encourage women to take control of their outlook on life and choose a positive mindset. 

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