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Natasha Ibrahim

My name is Natasha Ibrahim, I am many things and nothing. I grew up in Australia, Canada and the US in equal parts but ethnically I am Indian and Pakistani. 

At the age of 12, my parents got divorced — and it was devastating. At 12 years old I was in and out of courts, talking to social workers, psychologists and lawyers almost daily. I even ended up in a foster home for a while. It was a lot to handle so abruptly and at such a young age, and it left an impression on me for years. It turned from an external battle to an intrinsic one; I battled depression and anxiety for years. I continued to fight through it though, making sure I excelled in school, work and extracurriculars. I am constantly healing myself from my past trauma, however going through what I did enlightened me. I almost feel like it gave me superpowers, and while I wouldn’t wish my past upon anyone, I am thankful for what I have gotten out of it.


I want to be remembered for what I was able to accomplish despite my past. I’d like my story to inspire those who feel stuck, and especially children who are in circumstances that are out of their control to fight for their passion and dream.

 While there were many adverse events in my life growing up, I have to say at this point I would not redo anything. I’ve learned priceless lessons from each experience, and without the series of events that took place, I may not be where I am today. I am resilient and unafraid. I have made it through moments that would break many but it has only made me stronger, wiser and more empathetic. 

I am proud of all I’ve accomplished and my drive. I’ve traveled to about 37 countries, and done so many incredible things from volunteering on a farm for 2 months, to teaching English in Spain for a year, to graduating with a double degree and more by the age of 23. I was able to do all these things myself, and while supporting myself financially, and I am pretty pleased with it!  


It was a long journey for me to shift my view from the glass is half empty to half full. If you are struggling, remember that there is a light at the end of your journey, but obstacles do not stop. It may be less steep at times, but you will always be walking uphill. 

Become stronger from what you experience and don’t take any lesson for granted, carry it with you and use it to your advantage. If you want something, manifest it. Believe that it is yours and you will attract it. 

Fall in love with yourself, support yourself and be independent. When you love yourself it is easier to accept love and support from others and grow into your highest form.   

Whatever you do, don’t let the fear of failure stop you from succeeding. 

I’ve faced self-doubt many times, it is a struggle to overcome, but this brings me back to falling in love with yourself. If you get in touch with your mind and spirit and spend time pondering your own abilities you come back to your purpose and intention and the light sparks again. 

Remember, positivity is contagious and vibes don’t lie. I used to suffer from self-pity and negative thoughts, but when I make the conscious effort to flip them parts of my life started to align, my energy levels rose and I started attracting people with similar mindsets. 


I have a couple friends that are always so supportive of my projects and give me the push I need. During my times of self-doubt they’re always there to remind me I have potential. However, I want to add, that I have become my own cheerleader, it is okay and necessary to support your work and be proud of what you do! Spending time with my friends and thinking big always cheers me up. Planning goals and brainstorming ideas for projects is invigorating, and reminds me that I can be as mobile or stagnant as I choose. 


Natasha Ibrahim

Natasha grew up in Australia, Canada and the US, but ethnically she is Indian and Pakistani. Her diverse upbringing and experiences has spurred her love for culture, travel, and meeting new people.

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