Be Specific About What Defines Success For You

With Natasha Feldman

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
Hey!! I’m Natasha Feldman (a.k.a Nosh with Tash), a cooking show host, food stylist & recipe developer who truly believes that everyone can cook. My goal is to empower people by giving them realistic expectations of what good home cooking looks like and to make it fun and incredibly manageable. Nosh with Tash is the name of my website and Instagram account, and where I share recipes, ideas, and promote new content to help people, like you, get comfortable cooking!

What is one thing no one really knows about you?
Oh boy, my close friends know this well, but beyond my immediate circle, I keep the fact that I’m a complete musical theater junkie to myself. Give me a few glasses of wine, a Sondheim anthology and a box of tissues, and I’m embarrassingly happy. 

What would you say to 16-year-old you?
Turn around, this shit is hard! haha. JK. I would tell my 16-year-old self to take more notes, to ask more questions and to be less scared of the things you don’t know.  When you get to a certain age you realize that basically nobody knows everything and that is not only perfectly ok, but actually very fun. 

Have you ever had anyone doubt you? How did that make you feel?
Yes, of course. When I had a show on Yahoo! I used to get used to the fact that the more exposure you have, the more opportunity for some folks to post the absolute MEANEST comments. Someone thought that I should be stricken from the earth for cooking eggs in oil rather than butter, someone else commented about the fact that high female voices irritated them and that I was unwatchable to them for that reason. I felt completely paralyzed by it until I started to imagine how much their co-workers must hate them. Haha! The truth is there are always things you can do better, but if you try to be better without specific goals you just feel stuck, so every few months I try to focus on one element of my job that I’d like to be better at and just go systematically. 

What motivates you most?
I’m most motivated by wanting to make a difference. I really feel like learning to enjoy cooking is one of the best ways to tune in every day, to take time to treat yourself and the people that are important to you. Whenever someone makes one of my recipes and sends me a photo or watches a video and lets me know that they feel confident that they can do it, or is inspired to think about cooking in a new way, I feel motivated.

How do you manage your work-life balance?
OH, what’s that? I honestly don’t. I practice what I preach, and I use cooking for my close friends and family as a way to slow down and to focus on the me time and nurturing that we all need.  But beyond that, I mainly just work. Work, and then travel sometimes. I’m not sure I have the luxury right now of achieving a work/life balance. I think if you really want something badly enough you have to work really hard for it, and that that’s ok. No?

What is your favorite meal?
I LOVE SHRIMP COCKTAIL. A really good shrimp cocktail with a deeply horseradishy cocktail sauce and a big juicy lemon. Heaven.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
To be specific about what defines success for you.  This for me is so true because I’m really hard on myself and have a hard time feeling like I’ve reached my goals. There are so many different ways to define success and it’s almost impossible to achieve them all. 

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
I start by having a good attitude, being curious about new people and making sure people who could benefit from the kinds of recipes that I make know about where to find them in my Nosh with Tash universe. I also try to learn something new and stay active. Sometimes cooking, writing and editing can make a person feel VERY stationary, haha.

What is something on your bucket list?
I want to more time to travel so that I can directly learn from other cooks steeped in different cultures.  Not only abroad but also to different regions of the U.S.  There are so many amazing home cooks and chefs to learn from out in the world!  I was in Morocco a few months ago and did just this, and it was the highlight of my trip.

More About Natasha

Natasha Feldman is your kooky best-chef-friend who’ll make you laugh, answer your questions, and cheer you on in the kitchen. Her show, Nosh with Tash, is all about celebrating the imperfect moments inside the kitchen and removing the unnecessary pressure that comes with any new recipe. Simply put, it’s for real people who love to eat. People with busy lives who make mistakes when measuring, who forget ingredients, or who burn the occasional cookie. Because great chefs are not perfect. Great chefs cook often and get better over time. For this reason, Nosh with Tash supplies its audience with accessible, flavor-packed recipes that will motivate any level of home-chef to get in the kitchen and cook more often. Each recipe focuses on a multi-use culinary skill, simultaneously growing skill sets and confidence over time. And really, you’ll laugh — A LOT.

She is also the star of the new Food Network Genius Kitchen show, Craving Healthy! which helps people make delicious food while on Whole 30, Mediterranean and Keto! The show focuses on recipes to make eating healthier easy.

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