Your story is important

Natalie Roberts is an international bestselling author.

Dealing with depression is a daily struggle. Sometimes just getting out of bed is a huge task, but I have 4 kids that rely on me so I have to overcome any adversity, because they need me. In my book, Write Through Depression I wrote ‘I have depression it doesn’t have me.’ I won’t let depression win. It’s why I’ve told my story in that book. Your story is important! When I told mine, I was amazed at the support I was given. So many people said they felt the same. Telling your story will help not only you, but so many other people who are out there struggling. 

Here are five things I’ve learned throughout my journey.

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish.
You need to be on top form for yourself and it’s the only way you can successfully show up for other people.

Stop quitting so easily.
Stick things out a bit longer. Experience is valuable. 

Not everyone will be rooting for you.
Be careful who you confide in and trust, but don’t let it build a wall so high that you never let anyone in. Just trust your gut and intuition, they are rarely wrong.

There will be times when doubt creeps in.
I still doubt myself all the time, but I push through it. I would never achieve anything if I gave in to doubt. I was scared of having my writing rejected. The first time I got paid for an article I thought it was a fluke and a one-off, but I continued submitting and kept being accepted. When I landed a book deal, I felt the same again. I work through the impostor syndrome every time. 

Your dreams are important.
Don’t make yourself small to make other people feel comfortable. 


Natalie Roberts

Natalie is an international bestselling hybrid author. She is also the co-owner of Dragon Ghostwriters.
She signed a book deal with Jessica Kingsley Publishers in February 2015. Mouth Care: An Essential Guide for Carers is specifically aimed at professional and non-professional carers. It will be out in 2020.

Natalie’s indie books, Write Through Depression and Journal Through Depression are out now on all book retail sites.

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