Life Lessons I Learned Along the Way

By Mirna Norales

1. Chase what sets your soul on fire
I’m the type of girl that gets bored easily. After about a year in a new job I leave to try something completely different and new. I’ve had more odd jobs than I can count but I don’t regret any of it. I’ve learned from so many different jobs and people  that now I have a plethora of skills that I use for my blog now. Never feel stuck, go try something new. It’s your birthright to be all you can be.

2. It’s always scary at first
Recently my Best Friend and I did a ropes course. It was my first time ever. I wasn’t scared until I realized I was 30 ft in the air holding on to a piece of string. I began to sweat in places I didn’t think had sweat glands. I thought about turning back halfway through the course when I saw it was only getting tougher and higher. But in order to stop the course I had to go back the same way I came. At that moment I physically saw how far I made it and I knew I owed it to myself to finish the course. It took an hour to finish the first course and less than 30 minutes to finish the last.

3. You always get back what you put in
I believe in the law of attraction, the work and energy you put out into the world is what you’ll get back in reward or punishment. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, you have to do the work to see results.

4. People will doubt you
People WILL doubt you. Most times it’s even friends and family. At first it hurt me to realize people couldn’t see or support my vision for my life and career. But I had to learn to not take it personally. The people who love you don’t want to see you make risky life changes because they don’t want you to fail. And those who openly don’t support you, want you to fail. You have to have your vision close to the heart and don’t let other perspectives change your path. No one will understand how important your dream is to you, that’s why you have to make it happen.

5. You have to be different to get different
You can’t make a change doing the same things you’ve done before. If you want to have happiness, you have to be happy right here and right now. This goes back to the law of attraction, you have to put out what you want back.

6. There will never be a right time to start, so start now
I’ve found myself waiting for the right time to call up a person I want to work with or wait until I had everything in order to go after a dream. If you wait for things to be perfect to go after what you want, you’ll always be waiting. Now that I work from home full time I have to remind myself to move through life with urgency. Go for it and stop holding up your dreams.

The Mother of TimelesslyMirna

The TimelesslyMirna blog and brand would not be in existence without my mother, Mirna (Yes, we share the same name!). My love of nature and simplicity all stems back to her. My mother was born and raised in Honduras where she played on the beach daily and climbed coconut trees with her friends. She developed her green thumb and grew herbs for cooking and other household use. She was eleven when the family decided to move to New York City in the 70’s. You would think  40 plus years in America would make her lose her accent, but even in 2018 her accent was as thick as ever. She constantly reminded us that she was not only an American but a proud immigrant.

“Black is beautiful”, she would tell me as a little girl playing in her old makeup. Comfortable jeans and a T-shirt was my mom’s uniform. Only for special occasions she pulled out her favorite brown lipstick, which wasn’t too far off from chapstick and pulled her hair back into a low bun. I always admired her laid back approach to beauty. Although she never really dressed up, my mother was never short of admirers. Her confidence was all the makeup she needed. I groaned as she flirted with men, disgusted with the banter of adults.

My mother has been a huge influencer to my style in beauty and fashion. About two years ago I purged my makeup draw and threw out all chemical and non vegan products. Since then my skin has been flourishing and glowing, feats my mom promised would happen if I let the chemicals go. When I shop I still hear, “Black is beautiful” in the back of my head as I pick out Afro boho fashions or when I think about straightening my hair.

Being taught to be proud of my heritage and natural beauty has reflected not only in my style but within my career. I aim to collaborate with minority owned beauty and fashion brands to display our beauty in the media. Especially today with our intolerance and ignorance for diversity, it is important for youngs girls to see that they are not only beautiful but accepted.

My mother died of breast cancer March 14, 2018. Six months later, on my 25th birthday, I quit my job and decided to work on my blog TimelesslyMirna full time. My blog is how I feel connected to my mother, using everything she’s taught me to make a difference, no matter how small. I know if I help one black or brown girl feel better about herself then my mother’s influence continues to live on.

mirna norales

Mirna Norales is a Brooklyn based lifestyle blogger interested in helping women embrace their individual beauty.

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