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Liz Martinez

Hi! I’m Liz Martinez, a 22-year-old recent college graduate with a great love for traveling, orca whales, and helping others. I’m the founder and CEO of my small business, Liz Martinez Creations. I get to do what I love most for a living: Social media and branding coaching for fellow business owners or influencers, and portrait photography! Through Vision Sessions, I have a 1:1 coffee meeting with those who need help with organic social media growth. It’s perfect for new business owners and experienced ones too! I take pride in studying the Instagram algorithm and training myself to be an efficient social media coach. On the other hand, I’m a light and airy photographer, specializing in solo portraits and couples portraits! If you’re looking for a photographer who you can have fun with, be 100% comfortable with, and take bright photos with, I’m your gal! Everything I do in my business fulfills my why: To help others not feel so alone.

Did you always know what you wanted to do in life?
I feel like I have always known that media and anything creative is what I wanted to do with my life. When I look back, I remember my parents always getting me disposable cameras so I could take pictures for my toys, my pets, or even random things in my backyard. I remember getting my first digital camera in middle school, filling it up with video skits, photos of the world around me – of course, I considered it amazing photography at the time. When it was time to become serious towards the end of high school, I noticed I only gravitated toward majors like communication. I can never see myself stuck behind a 9-5 corporate office desk, or working in the medical industry, or anything other than media. Nothing is wrong with those jobs, I just know my heart completely rejects the idea. My career, passions, and hobbies all revolve around my love for cameras and social media.

Were you scared to start the process? 
OH. Most. Definitely. When it comes to taking a creative career path and entrepreneurship, it’s terrifying. I didn’t grow up with teachers explaining that being your own boss is an option. I didn’t grow up being told that photography or social media managing was useful. I didn’t grow up without any fear of doing what I loved. There’s a lot of good things about other careers: financial stability, never really changes, and acceptance from society. It was scary, but I decided I wanted more than just those things. I had to take the leap of faith to choose the possibility of failure instead of guaranteed success. To take the little money I earned and put it back into my business instead of putting it into the bank. To teach and discipline myself instead of having a boss tell me what to do and when. There’s NO guidebook for this, so starting the process was very overwhelming, but it’s one of the greatest things I have done with my life.


What were you like in high school?
I’ll be honest, I was not a great student in middle school and high school, at all. I don’t mean in the traditionally bad student way: I have never had detention, or gotten in fights, or skipped class. I was a bad ACADEMIC student. Every year I was barely passing, I even had to do summer school twice in high school since I failed English. I didn’t care to do the work or study hard, because there was never anything that interested me. I was not passionate about any course of study. I felt horrible since I sucked at math, science, English, and history. When it came to applying to colleges, I bombed the SAT big time. I applied to lots of places and got rejection letters from every. Single. One. The summer after high school I was desperate to find somewhere to go when I swallowed my pride and applied to my dad’s alma mater. It was 5 days before the fall semester started when I had to beg them to give me a chance when I had to tell them I wanted to be a student there despite my 2.0 GPA. Fast forward to last May when I graduated from college. I finished my last semester with a 4.0, I received an award for being the top of my entire major department, and that I graduated with a minor in English – the subject I failed not once, but twice in high school. I wish I could go back and tell my high school self that I wasn’t stupid. I was just not being taught in a way that works for me. I wasn’t learning anything in my desired career field of media or entrepreneurship.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
Every woman should know just how powerful she is. In every form of the word: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Us women are able to create life, we’re able to withstand intense emotional pain, and we’re able to carry ourselves through any weather. We hold so much power. And together? We are unimaginably mighty. I believe we are so much stronger when we lift each other up. When we choose not to be pinned against each other and not see life as a competition, that’s when we are at our best. Lean onto each other, help each other, and push each other. I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for the amazing group of women who keep me standing tall – whether that’s my family, my friends, fellow business owners, professors, doctors, or just some stranger who offered me kindness. We are powerful beings, so let’s be a good one.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned not only in my business but life in general is: I am capable. I was a shy, quiet kid growing up. I was never a trouble maker. I always wanted to make others proud. When it came to starting my business, I had to learn to push those introverted tendencies away. I mean, how do you reverse the core way you’ve lived for 20 years? I was, and still am, a chronic self-doubter. I always think I can’t do something as well as others, that my hard work isn’t good enough, or that I’m not smart enough to figure things out on my own. I learned that I am capable through Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters Goal Planner. The book tells you to write ALL the things you believe you can’t do. Then it asks you, what would happen if you WERE able to do those things? Write down all the possibilities. Last year I wrote, “I am not capable of having people be inspired by my work. I will never be as successful as other business owners around me.” Once I pushed that out of my head, I started to imagine the ENDLESS possibilities of what I could actually do if people admired my work and if I could be successful. It was after that exercise I decided to launch my most successful service to date: Vision Sessions. I didn’t launch it before because I trained myself to believe I wasn’t capable. I now know that I am more than capable.

Besides your career, what do you want people to know about you?
As a business owner, it can sometimes be hard to separate who you are as a person versus who you are as a business. So here are some things about me that have nothing to do with Liz Martinez Creations, but totally makes up who I am as a human: I love traveling. If I’m not on a plane, car, or train, heading to a new destination, I’m at home planning my next adventure. My top 3 places I’ve been to are Los Angeles, Paris, and Amsterdam. I’m Puerto Rican and very proud of where my family comes from! My favorite animal in the world is orca whales, and I can probably go on and on about how much I love them. I have a weird connection and love for the Titanic, both the movie and actual tragedy. Anything that has nature, lush, or ethereal vibes speaks to my soul. I’m a cancer, INFJ, and type 4 – so in a nutshell, I’m compassionate, emotional, soft, kind, and a dreamer. 


liz martinez

Liz Martinez is the small business owner behind Liz Martinez Creations. She is a firm believer in community and helping women. She loves capturing bright and fun portraits and helping fellow business owners manage their social media like a boss. She always wants to be a friend, supporter, and listener to anyone who crosses her path. She’s just a woman from Delaware who decided to chase her dreams and live her life with intention.

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