I Had Control of My "Now"

By Laura Tully

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
I was born on the lovely island of Jamaica and came to America when I was 11 years old. It changed my life! I now live in beautiful Boise, Idaho  with my mountain man hubby, adorable stepdaughter and new baby boy. I launched my career and company as a wardrobe stylist, blogger over 3 years ago and co-founded Next Level Women Leaders over 1 year ago. I strive to use my platform to uplift, educate, and positively affect the narrative of how we view style and fashion. I get the blessed opportunity to travel and make the style goodness happen wherever it is needed. My expertise in fashion goes beyond putting on a great outfit. When I work with my clients, I recognize their individual beauty. Through style, I’m able to show them ways to celebrate all of their strengths and personality in a modern refined way. As a Personal Shopper, I work to bridge the gap between high fashion imagery in magazines and accessible everyday wear. I’m not here to copy what we see in magazines. I’m here to show you that beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence and it can be delivered in a fabulous outfit that is *all* you.
Why did you start your company?
I’ve always wanted to venture out and start my own business but the push came about from a restructuring at my job that forced me to leave. At the time I was frustrated and felt uncertain. However, I realized that the hard moments are in some ways a call to action. I had to step up to the plate and be an advocate for myself. Could I fail at doing what I love? Yes, but the effort is certainly worth it. Once I started to work with more women and heard their stories, it highlighted my purpose. I want every woman that I meet and work with to know that she is valuable and necessary. I saw that I could use this vehicle of fashion and style to change the narrative of how we viewed ourselves. You can show up with your competence and confidence in a package that is ALL you and that’s a beautiful thing.
How do you manage your work-life balance?
I thought that through sheer persistence that I would reach this space called “balance” where my “to-do’s” somehow became perfectly aligned. I’ve recognized that this work-life balance is something that doesn’t exist for me and that’s ok. This process is not about diminishing effort and trying. It’s about embracing that today I will work on doing my damn best to take care of what is most important and tomorrow will be another day. Feeling less about your efforts because we are trying to accomplish more for the sake of “balance” strips us from the good work we are putting in. Today is yours. Go *all in* on what you can today and tomorrow will be another day. 
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
One that has stuck with me is when a mentor told me that I will never regret doing what I love. She said that finding the perfect time is a convenient way of “not doing”. There is no perfect time. It made me realize that I had control of my “now” and that is powerful.
What would you say to 16 year old you?
You are born worthy. Be brave and know that mistakes/ failure are part of what makes you become a better you. Never stop trying. 
What do you love most about yourself?
I am incredibly optimistic. I can see through the foggy glass and know that clarity will happen. It fuels so much about who I am. My passion and enthusiasm for the gift of serving people. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Through the stories of others. I listen to my clients, friends, podcast and read books. I take in the experiences that are shared and it connects me to our similarities and differences. It reveals that we are not alone in this journey of life and gives me meaning. 

What is your favorite meal?
Any meal that my Mom makes. We grew up with my Mom making the best Jamaican meals. She made cooking such a special part of how she loved us along with my Dad. All of us in the kitchen, music playing, loud talking and lots of cooking. A few of my favorites are Stew peas, Jerk pork with rice and peas and Ackee and saltfish with dumplings. SO YUMM. Now I’m hungry.  
What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is allowing fear itself to prevent me from thriving or trying. For me fear shows up in moments that challenge our expectations of ourselves. What am I capable of doing? Recognizing fear is part of the conversation towards growth. It allows me the space to stifle its powers and move through it. The self-talk that we have with ourselves is critical in moving through fear. I ask myself what makes me doubt or question myself. Most of the time, it stems from a feeling of not thinking I’m enough to slay what I’m up against. The truth is that I am capable. I am enough. I am here because I’ve earned it. 

What message do you think every woman should hear?
That she is WORTHY RIGHT NOW JUST AS SHE IS. We tend to delay taking care of and doing for ourselves. There’s this idea that “when I….loose weight or get that promotion etc” then I’ll do for myself. What I stress in the work that I do is that it’s imperative that we see that our worthiness still exist no matter the space we are in. 


Laura Tully

Laura Tully a personal wardrobe stylist and owner of LauraTully.co and co-founder of Next Level Women Leaders

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