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Kim Argetsinger

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
Hi! So happy to have a chance to chat! I’m Kim Argetsinger, and I’m a mindset coach and business mentor with a passion and mission for helping heart-centered, passion-driven, (high-achieving!) entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches make more money doing what they love. I help my clients build, grow, and scale businesses they’re wildly in love with that also make them bank.

I’m also an ex-actress who started over in Manhattan (if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, right?), an introverted extrovert, coffee, green juice, AND wine lover, who believes a good sweat sesh can cure most things!

Did you always know what you wanted to do as a career?
Heck no! I’ve always been obsessed with mindset, how the brain works, and what makes us as humans tick. I’ve also always had the core belief that we’re all so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for and can create our own version of success.

My journey started with graduating college early and taking my psych degree to LA, where I first spent a decade doing the acting thing (and was in over a dozen commercials and indie films). This WAS my version of success long before I knew coaching was an industry.

I discovered coaching when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up (after trying many jobs that weren’t a fit), and it was as if all the dots in my life connected and made sense. I’ve also always been an entrepreneur at heart (had my first ‘business’ as a kid), and as an actress you’re essentially your own boss running a small business.

I’ve happily arrived at what I KNOW is my path, passion, and career but it’s been a non-linear path that’s taken me here!

Were you scared to start the process?
Yes and no. Any time we do something new and step outside our comfort zone, it kicks up fear. This is something I experienced when I moved to LA, with every job as an actress, when I picked up to moved to NYC without a job, and absolutely again when I started my business.

AND, I fully believe fear is normal and a part of the process and also KNEW, despite the very real-feeling fear, that I would build a successful, profitable business. So, while I’ve been scared and felt fear at every stage of my business, I wasn’t scared to start the process. Does that make sense?

What is one thing no one really knows about you?
I’m a pretty open book, so this is a tough one! Hmm..going to think on this one.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
You can do anything you put your mind to and believe in. I’ve heard this since I was a little girl, and it’s always been true. Turns out, the converse is also true!

What would you say to 16 year old you?
You’re so much more powerful than you believe or give yourself credit for. Everything that’s challenging ends up serving you, and everything works out SO much better than you could even imagine.

This is something I shared in a blog post, as a letter from the future you might need to hear. These are things I’ve needed to hear along the way and would also tell my 16-year-old self and would love to share here:

To the you who’s feeling lost but knows they’re meant for more…keep going. You find so much more.

To the you who’s picked up, moved across the country (or across town) to start over, and is starting to wonder if it’s going to work out…you made the right choice.

To the you that’s feeling inspired, energized, and about to plunk down a huge chunk of money you don’t have (yet) to invest in yourself, your business, and your future…it’s worth every penny, changes your life, and you make back your investment so many times over you cry happy tears about it now.

To the you who’s unsure, scared of being seen, and doesn’t want to get rejected…you’re safe, and you’ve got this. You get messages all the time that someone needed hear exactly what you have to say.

To the you who doesn’t think you’re good enough and wonders ‘Who am I to do this?’…you’re SO good enough, and you’re so  much more capable than you give yourself credit for. Take up space. Step into your power. This is where you find exactly who you are to do this.

To the you who hears people whisper, ‘What does she(he) know? How can she(he) even do that?’…Um, you know who you are. You always have. And, you do it. You forget the whispers and prove it to yourself, for yourself.

To the you who thinks you can’t afford your dream plus rent and you know, eating…you’ve SO got this. You get paid and then some (it will blow your damn mind).

To the you who’s working a new edge and sitting in discomfort soup…it’s so worth it on the other side. You end up crying more happy tears of gratitude and thank this version of you for doing the work.

To the you who wonders if anyone will ever pay you. If anyone will pay you a second time and a third…they will, they do. They love paying you and your work.

To the you who’s sweating over raising your prices, sitting in insecurity, imposter syndrome, feelings of lack, and generally scared shitless you’ll mess up everything you’ve built…you end up wondering why you didn’t leap and trust yourself sooner.

To the you who only sees a mountain that seems to get taller and steeper every day…you climb it one step at a time, and the view is fucking gorgeous and makes you cry happy tears (omg, again).

To the you who’s giving up family-time, friend-time, and trading TV time for marketing, Saturdays for content batching, early mornings and subway commutes for social media engagement, and dinner-time for client calls…it gets so.much.easier. You go full-time, you hire an assistant, you end up delegating so many of the tasks that used to consume your spare hours. You get to take naps and go to the gym  in the middle of your work days.

To the you who doesn’t order dinner when you’re out in a group because you ‘already ate’ (which is code for, you can’t spare the cash because every extra penny is funding your business)…you’re able to buy everyone dinner.

To the you with cramped fingers journaling it out, working your ‘mindset’ like it’s your job, committing to change with the kind of focus usually reserved for a surgeon…you change your entire life. It doesn’t even resemble where you are now. Oh, and you thank this version of you all the time for being willing to do the work that matters.

To the you who sees the ‘influencers’ talking about $10k, $15k, $100k months and wonders what they have that you don’t…you find out. It was confidence, and you have it now, too.

Your journey might not be mine, it might not be my clients’ path, but I know whatever it is and wherever you are on it, your future-self, your next-level you has something to tell you.

THIS is the voice to listen to. THIS is the voice to trust. THIS is the voice that KNOWS. THIS is the voice that’s already there and calmly cheering you on.

The more you can listen for and to that voice, the more you can BE that next-level you, the faster that next-level success will great you.

I promise you, whatever challenge you’re sitting in right now, there’s a next-level you that’s so dang grateful you’re willing to lean into the opportunity for growth in the here and now to create your next-level future.

Have you ever had anyone doubt you? How did that make you feel?
There have been plenty of people who have doubted me (in every career choice I’ve made). When you decide to give up grad school to move to a city you’ve never even been to before to pursue an acting career and then again to start over in one of the most expensive cities and start a business, you get met with some raised eyebrows. Lol. There have been plenty of people I’ve heard have wondered why I think I can do this or who have voiced concern along the way.

I’m also blessed to have the support and belief of those close to me.

But, it never feels good when people don’t believe in you (does it?). I know some of the naysayers definitely kicked up my own self-doubts and triggered my insecurities.

What’s fueled me is remembering the power that comes from tapping into your own belief and remembering that everyone is coming from their own personal experiences and lens; their doubt often has more to do with them or their well-meant concern for us than it *actually* has to do with us and our ability or potential.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
You are powerful. You are more capable than you give yourself credit for. You can do hard things. You can create your version of success. You can make amazing money doing the work you love with heart. You are ENOUGH. You are SO enough. It’s not about deserving, it’s about deciding; decide to have what you want. It’s OK and safe to shine. It’s ok to want more. You can be grateful, driven, and desire more all at the same time. You’re not broken, and you don’t need ‘fixing’. Your life is your responsibility. Speak up. Ask for what you want. Take up more space. Make your own rules. Be an example of what’s possible.

Have you always had confidence in yourself?
No way! My confidence has been earned over and over again through SO much inner work, coaching, mindset work, and self-work. So much of my work with my clients is around taking up space (like a boss) so they aren’t hiding in plain sight, and this is born from the work I’ve had to do to be able to shift my mindset, and step up into my own confidence.

For anyone who isn’t feeling confident, I feel you and hear you. I want you to know how possible it is to cultivate that inner trust and belief. For some of us, it just takes a little extra work, and that’s ok :). I promise, it’s worth it; and you are worth it.

What do you love most about yourself?
Now, everything. In the past, nothing, which is a testament to how much we’re all capable of changing.

I love my heart, integrity, grit, resilience, and ability to make anything I put my mind to happen.

Do you remember a specific time you overcame adversity?
I think we’ve all faced adversity, whether it’s trauma with a capital ‘T’ or lowercase ‘t’, we’ve all been affected by and gone through challenging times. It’s part of being human, right?!

I personally went through some challenging experiences during high school and again as a young adult. I’ll spare your readers a novel on the difficult times by saying, while there’s NO way I could have known this at the time (or had the capacity to believe this at the time), looking back, every moment of adversity in my life has given me a gift and helped shape me into the woman I am today.

I wouldn’t wish some of my experiences on anyone, and I also wouldn’t take them away.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
Truly and sincerely, we’re all so strong. Us humans are pretty remarkable and can overcome anything. We’re also so damn capable and have so much untapped potential. It’s mind-blowing to me what we can make happen.

I’ve also learned that emotions pass and don’t kill us the way we think and worry they will.

What motivates you most?
A few things…I’m a big believer in cultivating our ‘next-level’ identity and this version of me always motivates me.

My family motivates me like crazy.

My clients motivate and inspire me every day.

My desire to leave the world and people better than I left it/them motivates me.

And, I’m motivated by wanting to be an example of what’s possible. I’m motivated to walk my talk, be in integrity, and lead by example. Sometimes, we have to see it to believe it, and I’m motivated to continue to grow, so I can be that for someone else.

How do you manage your work-life balance?
I’m not a big believer in ‘balance’ in the traditional definition of the word/phrase, but I do feel very balanced.

I’m obsessed with my work and my business, so a big thing for me has been checking in with my needs throughout the day and setting clear working hours/times for myself. At the start of my business, I did NOT have this down (and was also still working a day job). For me personally, a lot of what I needed was the mindset work and shifts to allow myself that space and trust that by taking care of myself, I’m also taking care of and growing the business.

Part of my personal work has also been leaning more and more into setting and holding boundaries. That’s been essential for me as I grow and scale my business. Asking for and receiving support as well as delegating has been really important as well and has created more ‘balance’!

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
I practice mindset work daily, like it’s my job! This is the number one thing for me every single day. After this, it’s serving my clients incredibly well. My clients come first when it comes to business priorities. I also focus on marketing daily to continue to grow and move the business forward.

Do you have a mentor? If so, what did they teach you?
Yes, I’ve had many mentors along the way and still work with a coach and mentor. And, I mean, what didn’t they teach me? lol. I think one of the biggest things my mentor has taught me is how to trust myself and the importance of this self-trust in everything we do in business. This sounds cheesy, but she’s really helped me to own and step into my power. And she’s also helped me learn to sell with heart, which has been such a game-changer for me.

What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?
I learned to drive on a race track and now don’t have my driver’s license (New Yorker, lol).

If you weren’t doing the job you have now, what would you be doing?
This is going to sound cheesy, but I can’t think of another job I would be doing because I really believe this is the work I’m meant to be doing! When I decided to start my business, I went all-in. I suppose if I didn’t have this business, I would have another business of some sort! Entrepreneur through and through over here :).

Who is your biggest role model? Why?
Both of my parents, and in business, my dad. He’s an entrepreneur and has created success his way with so much integrity. He’s been in his industry for over 25 years and cultivated true expertise and serves his clients so, so well. He’s considered the best at what he does, and that’s not an accident. I’ve learned so much from my dad, from his work and business ethic, his mindset, his business model, dedication to service and people, to how he approaches business. He’s also one of the most positive people I know!

Where do you find inspiration?
I love that there’s really inspiration all around us once we start looking. I find inspiration on my runs, walks around this city or in nature, in movies, books, and in conversations. I also find inspiration in other people’s stories and in the little moments and things around us.

What are your biggest passions?
People and connection, mindset, the power of coaching and conversation, visibility, relationship-based business strategy, marketing and sales, and money and money mindset. I’m obsessed with coaching and have a passion for helping people make more money doing what they love.

Kim Argetsinger

Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach + business mentor with a mission to help you create your version of success and make more money doing what you love. She helps heart-centered, passion-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches transform their business from the inside-out so they build, grow, and scale a business they’re wildly in love with that also makes them bank.

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