Choose Your Own Path

Kelly Kristin

Know your worth.
Part of my mission and purpose here on earth is to have every woman truly know her worth. That means never settling.

I have overcome a lot of adversity.
I think one of the biggest moments for was escaping an abusive relationship and really having to look at myself, my choices and how I was going to heal. That is really what started me on my healing path and why I do the work I do today.

Forgiveness is magic.
No matter what you have been through. You.Can.Heal.

A message to my 16-year-old self:
It’s all going to be ok. You are stronger than you could ever possibly comprehend. You deserve to be loved and treated well.

Love yourself, always.
I love my resilience and my willingness to follow my intuition above all else.

Choose your own path.
I have gone down so many different paths, one thing that I did do was leave anything that I knew was not serving me and my soul. This includes leaving Dental School after one semester because I realized even though I thought I wanted to be a Dentist (LOL) I really hated everything about it. I became a Registered Nurse and only worked in the industry for 6 months before I said, no this isn’t for me. I ended up in medical sales and was making over six figures a year when I left that to pursue what my soul was calling me to. I wasn’t scared as much as I was excited. I have never liked to be predictable, I think I thrive off of being outside the box and going my own way.

We all have people who doubt us.
I still don’t think my family understands what I do or why anyone pays me to do it! I had to go through the pain of feeling like no one was on my side to realize that it is a lie and once you believe in yourself, you attract other people that believe in you too. I also think people doubting you can be a great motivation when you are first getting started in a new venture.

We all struggle with confidence.
For a long time, I think I looked really confident from the outside, but inside I was a mess. I constantly doubted myself, I was with people and friends that didn’t get me and it was a process to truly grow into the confident and expressed woman that I am. I think it is a never-ending process.

Practice being present.
I love living in the moment, enjoying life as it comes and feeling pain when I have it. Being in my body, present to everything that is happening, the thoughts, emotions, and feelings, allows me to grow faster than I knew was possible.

Life is magic.
Every morning I wake up and think, this is a great day for a miracle.

Leave your own legacy.
I want to be remembered as someone who helped a lot of people change their life for the better. I want to be known as the person that made subconscious healing mainstream.

Never stop learning.
I think we are always learning deeper layers of self. Identity is fluid, changing and yes, I am still learning, growing and changing.


Keep following your dreams.
I am really proud of my book that became a #1 Best Seller – The Call to Rise, A Guide to Healing and Becoming the Powerful Woman You Are Meant to Be.

Find people to look up to.
I really admire Marissa Peer – I recently found her and her work is very close to mine, she has had massive global success and is really serving as an expander for me into what is possible.

Take the risk.
Choosing to quit my job to go all-in on my coaching and move across the country from Florida – California without knowing anyone, just knowing that I was supposed to be there, was one of the most defining moments in my life.

Only your opinion matters.
A lot of things most people would consider “embarrassing” I just don’t. I feel like no one or nothing can make me embarrassed, it is a choice.


kelly kristin

Kelly Kristin is a best selling author, coach, and mentor to women all over the world that are ready to heal on the deepest levels possible and reconnect to their innate feminine power. She specializes in working with the subconscious mind and divine feminine power to help her clients release and heal emotional trauma from the root, reconnect to their feminine energy and reprogram their minds for massive success in life, business, and love. She is a registered nurse with a background in psychiatry and a certified holistic health coach. She is a science and research junkie with an affinity for neuroscience and the mind-body connection. She takes her medical and holistic health knowledge and blends it with her passion for neuroscience and understanding the subconscious mind to help others live life to their greatest potential on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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