Honor What Stirs Deep Within Your Soul

by Kayla Cortes

While in college, I had my career life pretty much planned out. I knew that I wanted to work within the criminal justice system, preferable the juvenile justice system. As time went on, I found my dream job, “Juvenile Probation Officer.” During my senior year of college, I went for an internship with them, and I got it. I knew that having this internship provided me leverage if they ever decided to hire, since it wasn’t so often. It was around that time, in which I was persuaded that going to graduate school was necessary. I was graduating college, daughter of two immigrant parents, why not keep going. I knew I wanted to pursue something in counseling, because I truly love working with people and assisting others. So I decided on social work. With that said, I applied to about 6 graduate school programs and was accepted into all 6. I chose Columbia University, it being a prestigious Ivy League University helped with my decision. 

Upon graduating from Columbia University, Juvenile Probation was finally hiring. It was time, I had an opportunity to pursue my dream job. I applied and had 2 interviews, and then I had to wait. I’m not sure if it was 4-6 months of torture to hear back. I was living in Connecticut and tired of waiting, so I was about to go check apartments in Washington, D.C. and it was at that moment that I heard that I was given the position.

Finally, I was able to begin the career that I dreamed of having. My parents were super proud, I had the job I wanted, which included job security and retirement in 25 years… Fast forward 3-4 years later, I realized that this dream job, was not my dream job. There were so many things that made me upset about receiving an income from a system that I did not completely agree with. How could I speak out about injustices within the system, when I was on their payroll? The reality of what my work was and what I wanted it to be did not match.

I realized that I wanted to work with others, but not in that capacity.  I was unhappy; I felt it within me, every single day was a struggle. It came to a point when my unhappy career and other transitions in my life resulted in a deep depression in the fall of 2014. That experience, taught me one of the greatest lessons in life, when you are not honoring your soul, things will continue to come up to stir up madness within you, until you decide to pay attention. It was then, that I realized that I had to get out soon and that I had more to offer in life. That I was not going to be contained within 4 walls and that my soul had to be let out. I attempted to try to make it work, how could I leave a solid, secure position? Did people even leave these jobs? What would I do? What would my family think? What would others think? I continued there for about a year, until one morning I was reading an article that highlighted questions that helped you determine if you’re unhappy within your job. I checked off everything. I immediately called my parents and told them that I needed to resign. I felt like they had witnessed my suffering and understood my decision.

That afternoon I informed my supervisor, and two weeks later I was out, with the full support of my family and co-workers. What now? I had the liberty to do anything my soul desired. And at that very moment my soul decided on moving to Washington, D.C., an idea that always sat within me since the beginning of college.

August 2016, I moved to DC. Moving there was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I was able to get to know Kayla on a deeper level, I was able to experience a new chapter of my life, alone. There were amazing days and there were hard days, but I needed all of those days in order to help build me into the woman I am today. Living in a busy city and alone allowed me to experience so many new things. I met many brilliant people who were pursuing things that they truly enjoyed. I learned about so many career paths, that I didn’t know existed. I learned that honoring my soul is the most important thing I can do in this lifetime. I learned that I have been given this body and my gifts in order to share them. And the only way I can do that is if I am truly committed to myself and my dreams.

So now it is 2018 and I have a Life Coach business, “Clarity Coach,” in which I guide women in obtaining clarity within their lives in order to manifest their vision. I have learned to understand the importance of having clarity and peace with what is our “now” and how important it is to have a vision that guides our every day life. I need women to understand the importance of truly taking time to listen to their souls and to feel what imprint they would want to leave on this Earth, in this lifetime. I want women to feel powerful and capable of achieving whatever it is that stirs deep within them. I truly believe that we are capable of achieving our visions, with hard work, dedication, faith and action. Because I understand this and believe this, I am gifted the privilege to assist other women, untangle any confusion within their present in order to take steps for their future. I am also incorporating self-care in my work with women.  Some examples would include, mediation, yoga, and healthier food options. The mind, body, spirit works together and my goal is to assist my clients in achieving an overall balance. I also hope that with my work I am able to provide exposure to communities that aren’t aware of these powerful healing practices. I am currently in an amazing place, because I am finally listening to my soul, I am being present and I am honoring my vision.

I leave you with my story in hopes that if you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t sit well with you, that you remember that you have a choice to make a decision, that you can altar the direction that your life goes in. But if you choose to ignore what doesn’t feel right, remember that it will continue to reappear until you decide to pay attention. Thank you!

More About Kayla

Kayla Cortes is a gifted life coach, that is dedicated in assisting women obtain clarity within their lives in order to manifest their vision. She has a passion for providing women with the necessary tools to untangle their now in order to move forward towards their future. Kayla has begun a new journey with meditation and yoga. In documenting through social media, she is hopeful that she will be able to inspire and provide exposure to those that may be able to benefit from such empowering practices.

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