Feel Fear And Do It Anyway

Kat Alyst is a photographer in the film & fashion industry whose work focuses on fashion/art portraiture.

Photo Credit: Edgar Patino (@eddy.mp4)

 Feel fear, and do it anyway. Stop saying sorry. You’re amazing. You have no reason to apologize. Failure isn’t fatal and success isn’t final.  

In the same week, I became homeless and my “dream job” turned into a nightmare. I became homeless because I chose to leave a toxic relationship. My dream job became a nightmare when they chose to stop paying me (“because they didn’t have it in the budget anymore”). 

 On top of that, my boss turned a blind eye to continued verbal and sexual harassment I was enduring from a co-workerbecause of his “status” in the industry. I was living in abandoned buildings or out of my car, but I kept reminding myself that failure isn’t fatal and success isn’t final. 

I kept thinking about my journey and what I would say to my younger self. How I would remind her to keep daydreaming. Keep doodling in class. Keep wearing the clothes she likes, and stop being so hard on herself. I would tell her to keep smiling through these next couple of years. They’ll be tough, but you’re about to have the most magical time of your life.  

 I remember the day I finally jumped in and changed the direction of my life. I always knew I wanted to live a creative life, so that’s what I set out to do.

My paycheck had just deposited from that horrible, dead end job and I used that money to buy a camera. I felt like I had nothing to lose. It felt right, so I just went for it. I ordered the camera, and I never looked back. 

While this was one of the hardest times of my life, I found incredible support from new/old friends who encouraged me to leave bad situations and start traveling like I’ve always wanted to do. I met so many people who filled my spirits above and beyond. They gave me their house keys to stay and get on my feet. I started booking gigs consistently, and found myself in a much healthier and positive place faster than I could ever have imagined.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned two things

 1. Only keep people around you who are continuously working on their craft and staying focused. Online and real life. Some of the things they’re doing are hella inspiring, you can’t help but stay motivated around them. 

2. The glass is always full. Metaphorically it’s always full at least, because yanno, tryna be positive and all… but in real life, it’s always half empty, because I drink everything so fast. Especially coffee. 


Kat alyst

Kat is a photographer in the film & fashion industry whose work focuses on fashion/art portraiture. Kat often examines stillness and solitude in her work, while wavering on the line of surrealism. Synesthesia plays a large role in conceptualizing work by words painting an initial color palette in her mind, and storylines being created from there.

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