The System Is Broken, Not You

Karlyn Green is the founder of Dear Wild Heart, which she uses as a platform to help women find peace and liberation with food and body image issues.

This content may contain triggers involving, but not limited to, disordered eating.

Dear Wild Heart,

About 15 years ago I was halfway through a tissue box, once again disintegrating into a pool of snot and tears in front of my  therapist. I had two weeks of abstinence from compulsive overeating and then I had blown it on an immeasurable amount of random food yet again. Convinced that I was hopeless and that my life would forever be a violent ride on a roller coaster, I just couldn’t imagine living with this disorder anymore. I lost it.  

This exact moment of breakdown is when the light of Reason was able to shine through the slightest crack in my door. Out of despair hope was born. When out of my therapist’s mouth came the mindblowing notion that perhaps my perspective was wrong. Perhaps the framework of sobriety isn’t a good fit for disordered eating. Although I had spent 5 years in countless OA meetings and even went so far as to go to outpatient treatment, I believe this moment was the  first of two crucial steps in the actual beginning of my true recovery.

My story is a story of a young woman going from binge eating, purging, and chronic dieting, to blossoming self love and a healthy respect of her beautiful body. I believe that this is something that is within reach of us all. It begins with first rejecting the framework that we have been operating in too long. The system is broken, not you.

I want you to know that I have recovered from disordered eating and diet culture and you can too. I ingested the notion that I was just broken for too long. I finally came across a different way to approach my eating and fucked up relationship with my body: yoga, intuitive eating, and spiritual healing. I’ll always remember the guts it took the moment I left Overeaters Anonymous to pursue real recovery on my own. You deserve the same kind of recovery.

As women, we are way more powerful than we realize. Bucking diet culture is one way to get closer to that truth. Think of all we could accomplish if we take one fraction of the energy we do into shrinking ourselves — and instead put it into expanding ourselves!

Our chances of recovery strengthen with numbers. Remember that TOGETHER WE HEAL.


Karlyn Green

Karlyn is the founder of Dear Wild Heart, which she uses as a platform to help women find peace and liberation with food and body image issues. She was born in Alaska, raised in Oregon, and now considers herself to be an Ohio native. After overcoming her own battle with bulimia, overeating, and the general thrashing of diet culture she is driven to help as many other women as possible do the same.

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