If you had told me at 16 years old, that I would be the CEO of a growing startup at 23, I would have probably looked at you like you were crazy.

Although I always have had an interest in entrepreneurship, I never would have imagined I would start my first business during college. That was until my whole world was flipped upside down during my freshman year at Georgetown University.

I arrived on campus ready to take on the world. I was a happy, confident, positive young girl with a whole lot of passion for life. But one day, that started to change.

Little by little, the confidence I had in myself began to dwindle. I was constantly comparing myself to friends and classmates. “She’s skinner than me.” “She’s prettier than me.” “She’s smarter than me.”

Like most college freshman, I was eating unhealthy foods in the cafeteria, barely working out, and eating pizza at 2am. And, also like most college freshman I gained a few pounds in the process.

This made that little voice inside my head 10 times stronger. “You’re fat.” “You’re ugly.” “You need to lose weight.” So, I began my journey of “dieting” for the first time in my life, and it did not go very well. I would restrict my body for as long as I could withstand, eating very few calories. After going weeks of eating only protein and vegetables, I would feel deprived and binge eat. This led to me develop binge eating disorder.

As my freshman year went on, my eating disorder worsened. The more weight I gained (from seriously messing with my metabolism and constantly binging after feeling deprived), the more I hated myself.

Fortunately, with the help of an amazing dietitian, I was able to learn to love myself and take care of my body again. After working with Allison for about a year, I finally felt recovered (plus had lost the 30 pounds I gained with BED).

I truly was happier than ever before. I started believing in myself again. I ran my first marathon. I started taking risks. I published my first book, The Cusp Method- which became an Amazon Bestseller in its category.

But it was at this time that I realized it wasn’t only about me. This was Cusp moment. This was when I realized that I was lucky. I got help, and I made changes. But not all women in college are this fortunate.

After speaking at over 75 colleges and universities to groups of women, I have found that although everyone’s struggles are slightly different- there is one common theme. It’s incredibly difficult to manage your wellness in college. That’s why I started CuspIt. Our mission is to empower college women to be healthy, find balance and build confidence. The CuspIt app has easy meals, convenient workouts and a weekly wellness challenges to make easier for college women to feel good about themselves.

I found that finding balance and living a healthy lifestyle is critical to self-confidence. And our self-confidence as women, is a huge factor in what determines our success. CuspIt gives women the confidence to write their own stories and truly thrive in the college years- instead of just “getting by.”

Looking back, I’m not bitter about my struggle. In fact, I’m happy that I went through it. Because it’s given me the ability to empower millions of women. Although I couldn’t have imagined my life this way when I was 16, now at 23… I couldn’t imagine my life any different.

More About Jaclyn

Jaclyn is the founder of CuspIt and the author of The Cusp Method. CuspIt’s mission is to empower college women to be healthy, find balance and build confidence. The CuspIt app makes it easier for college women to manage their wellness and feel good. Jaclyn graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2017.

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