I used to weigh myself Every. Single. Day. I’d hop out of bed and step on the scale first thing in the morning..If I felt like I ate really “good” the day before then I would hop on excitedly and if I felt like I ate “bad” I would slowly step on, 1 foot at a time like I was stepping into cold water with my eyes scrunched to ease the pain if I gained weight. Then, depending on what the scale told me, I would either be in a good mood and skip around on a cloud or mope around being disappointed with myself. The saddest part about it is that I knew better! I knew, as a trained professional, that your weight can fluctuate a few lbs daily depending on water you are holding and food that is still in your system. It becomes an addiction like anything else. For some reason, I was striving to be the same weight as I was in High School! Why!? Why are we always trying to go back to the past when we can be better?

Last year, I started focusing more on the fun skills I wanted to accomplish. I started trying challenges that I never knew I could do. I started forgetting to weigh myself and soon realized what a fool I had been for letting numbers define me and control my emotions. I am happy to say that I don’t know how much I weigh.

If this story sounds like you, then maybe you should consider taking a break from morning weigh-ins and focus on feeling good and having fun in your fitness journey. Stop comparing your weight to your friends or your 15 year old self. You’re not those people. The scale can’t see how different two people’s body types are. It doesn’t know how healthy you are. It’s just one type of measurement so don’t let it be the end all be all.

More About Faith

Faith Davis was a personal trainer in different gyms for 7 years and after she had her first kiddo she decided she wanted to be home with him. Since then, she has been working out with friends in her home to keep up her skills and help others with their fitness journeys. That’s how her account fitnessunderground.us started.
Faith wanted to show others that you can workout from home and have fun doing it!

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