Dear OG Boobs,

Erica Brown

Dear OG boobs,

I miss you. I know, I said I wouldn’t care if you were here or not, but I do. I know that I didn’t say goodbye to you both before I decided to cut you off and replace you, I should have. I should have had one last HOORAH before we parted ways.  I don’t know what that would have looked like, but I didn’t celebrate all that you gave me, I only wanted to rid of what you could give me.

OG boobs, I miss you and I want you to know…..

I miss the way you sagged. You sagged from 2 babies eating their first meals from you and because of that, I miss needing a push up bra to make you both perk up! However, I also miss needing a sports bra so I could keep you both contained and not up in my face when I ran.  You really had a mind of your own there for a while.

I miss my non-sculpted huge areolas. You may have been ginormous but you were mine. Lefty, you are now a perfectly sculpted circle and righty, you didn’t want to change. You stayed the same. Thanks for the little bit of normalcy.

I miss your squishiness when my babies laid against you. You were the best pillow to their sleepless infant nights. Not only for them, but for me when I slept on my stomach and had the extra cushion.

I miss feeling you. OH HOW I MISS THAT. I sometimes close my eyes and try to remember what it was like to feel that,   I didn’t realize how wonderful it was. I took that feeling for granted.

Not only do I miss feeling someone else touch you, but I miss being able to feel everything in that area, from spilled food to the ice pack I needed during multiple surgeries.  

I am sorry OG boobs that I didn’t appreciate all you did during our time together. You are missed.




erica brown

Erica Brown is a busy working wife and mom of two amazing kids. The other year, her life was turned upside down (in the most ironically beautiful way) when she found out she had the BRCA 1 gene mutation. Since then, she made the brave decision to get a preventative double mastectomy. She shares a message of fearlessness and confidence with the women she has met through her work.

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