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With Emma Tait

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
I am a writer/poet, coach, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and nature lover – to name a few. My life’s work is to empower others to liberate themselves so they may live an unapologetic existence. I believe the way back to ourselves, and the way forward in life is through mastering our emotional, physical, and spiritual wisdom and most of all, encompassing the courage to show up and be seen. 
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Something my dad taught me at a young age. He’s an artist and I’ve always admired his relationship with his own art, life’s work, and the boundaries he’s drawn around it. That was to always keep your energy clear when you gave yourself to others – meaning to take responsibility for your own energy and don’t ever expect someone else to do it for you. If I choose to give anything, I better be clear on my own intentions for doing so. Keep your energy clear.  I want to add a second best pieces of advice here and that is from my two older brothers who taught me that connecting with and caring for one another are the most important priorities we can ever have in this life. I try to never lose sight of that. 
What do you love most about yourself?
My ability to trust myself. I’ve taken so many leaps into the unknown in my life and every single time, whether I landed on my feet or not, I knew I had it in me to stay open, to be strong, to be soft, and to persevere. I guess my favorite thing is my resilience and my trust that everything is working out.
Do you remember a specific time you overcame adversity?
Oh fuck ya. Well, I don’t know if you’d call it adversity, but I definitely overcame a low low point a few years ago after my brother died. He died by suicide and it was my first real experience with grief and really with losing the ground beneath my feet. That’s the best way I know how to describe it – that and this poem that I wrote in the years that followed. But in the weeks and months that followed, I hit yet another low when my boyfriend began dating someone else without really even trying to hide it, but also telling me that it was nothing which led me to question my own mind. He capitalized on my vulnerability, but my grief held me to him, blocking me from seeing that he just wasn’t capable of supporting me through that time and also not capable of truly leaving me either. I kept trying to work things out, because keeping blinders on and focusing on that was easier than facing the rest of my life without my brother. At the same time, a big part of me knew I had to get out of there, which led me to leave my at the time dream job of managing a yoga studio, my apartment, my community, my mom and dad, and really the only life I had known – to buy a ticket out west to British Columbia where both my brothers had been living and where I always dreamed of being. I started over and truly chose myself for probably the first time ever.
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
In relation to what I shared above – so many big lessons. I learned how deep my feelings go. I’m still learning that. Every time grief brings me to my knees I learn that. Every time I hike to the top of a mountain ridge and feel the sun on my face I learn that. Every time I hear my brothers voice while I sit by the water and listen to the wind I learn that. Every time I hug my parents and remember their cries from 4 years ago, I learn that. I learned how important it is to surround yourself with people who get it, people who are there for you in the worst of times – and I had a lot of these people. I learned that we can’t rush ourselves, especially when it comes to relationships. I had dear friends tell me so many times that staying in that relationship was a mistake but at the end of the day I wasn’t done until I was done. Most of all I learned that we have to talk about things – everything, all the things! Nothing is more important in this life than the people who walk with us through it. This goes for family, friends, acquaintances, the coaching clients who let me hold their hearts and their hopes and their dreams, and every single person who has read my poetry and allowed my words to reach out and hold their hands as they walk their own path. I walk with reverence for each and every one of these people.
How do you manage your work-life balance?
I don’t really! Ha! My work is my life and my life is my work and I love it that way. What I do manage are my physical and energetic boundaries. Working from home creatively and being the entrepreneur I have to. I know that I can’t show up for anyone until I show up for myself first so to me it’s all quite symbiotic. 
Why did you start your company?
It started me. And I’ve stayed committed to it because I believe there is nothing more important in life than to know that none of us are alone and that there is a way through, a way to heal, a way to have joy, and a way to have a life that lights you up. Loss really puts a magnifying glass on emotions and really makes you question where you’re spending your time. I want people to know that they don’t have to lose it all before they go after what they want. I want people to know how deserving they are of that life they dream of, and more importantly of each and every one of their emotions. If I could sum it up: I do this work to help people feel the things they feel, without apology, explanation, or accommodation. And with a whole lot of love and compassion for their and others’ humanness. 
If you weren’t doing the job you have now, what would you be doing?
I’d be working on a horse farm, muckin stalls and starting yearlings and taking it real slow. Horses were my first passion and still very much are. My earliest memories are of trying to get my mom to take me to the barn for riding lessons and then just doing everything I could to spend as much time there as possible right up until university. Working with horses is all I ever wanted to do, nothing else held a candle to it and I’d be super content to just write and ride for the rest of my days. 
Who is your biggest role model? Why?
I don’t have a biggest role model – or, I guess I do – I’m such a Gemini! I hate to settle on just one thing! But I suppose it’s my mom. She has countless times carried on, round after round of loss after loss, and she has never lost her childlike joy and wonder for this life. She has never wavered in her ability to put everything aside for me and my brothers, she has supported every dream, project, and way out there idea that I have. She feels it all and she stays. I’m crying even as I write this because it just breaks my heart in the most beautiful way, the way she is, the weight she walks with, and the perseverance of her spirit that keeps singing and dancing and crying and loving throughout it all.
Where do you find inspiration?
My family and my dog and mamma nature. And in witnessing the rawness and realness of other humans who unapologetically share their heart’s work in the world. That lights me up like almost nothing else does. It’s such a fragile and vulnerable thing, this humanness that we all possess. Most of us shelter and cradle it, gently and only sometimes letting out into the world, carrying all our hopes and dreams on its little back, stumbling and getting back up over and over again against the biggest odds. My brother was larger than life and had more love and compassion for that humanness than I can ever even fathom. And he didn’t make it, because it’s a goddamn risky thing to live and to love. it’s risky and it’s fragile, and it’s the most important thing there is. We owe it to each other to honor that and to do the best we can to let it out more, at every opportunity.

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Emma Tait is a writer/poet, coach, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and nature lover – to name a few. Her life’s work is to empower others to liberate themselves so they may live an unapologetic existence. She believes the way back to ourselves, and the way forward in life is through mastering our emotional, physical, and spiritual wisdom and most of all, encompassing the courage to show up and be seen.

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