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Emma Louise Webb

I think every woman should know that she is completely unique and irreplaceable, and that women are such a gift to the world. I think they should remember to take time and remember how wonderful and powerful they are, especially when they doubt that. Anything is possible, and it’s absolutely essential to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you are bulletproof. Society seems to encourage us to have jobs we hate and makes us think that we are not worthy of going for bigger things (Especially the working class, ESPECIALLY women). 


Know what you want, get really specific, and go for it with everything you’ve got. You will be surprised at what you will achieve.

If I could go back and time and speak to my 16 year-old-self, I’d want to tell her she is going to do the most incredible things and meet the most amazing people. I would tell her that she doesn’t need to worry whether or not it will happen. It will happen. I’d tell her she will travel to tons of countries far and wide (and sooner than she thinks). I’d tell her that her ambition and good attitude will take her a long way and to hold on to that. 

Looking back, I always knew I wanted to be an actress and musician from a young age. I was ridiculously shy in primary school, but that didn’t stop me from putting on plays and being creative. I remember my teachers steered me away from pursuing acting multiple times. Probably because I was shy and they thought I had no chance and thought that they were doing me a favor. 

I distinctly remember we had to stick a picture of ourselves to a piece of paper shaped like a thought bubble, saying “my name is Emma and I want to be a ____ when I grow up.” I wrote actress and my teacher told me to go back rub it out and put something more realistic.  

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I sat down and wrote “I want to be an actress or an artist when I grow up.” I went back up and she said “Oh come on you’re too smart to be an artist. Why don’t you say banker so you can make a lot of money? You’re good at math”. 

So. I did as I was told and wrote “My name is Emma and I want to be an actress, an artist, or the boss of a bank.”

This was probably my first run in with someone telling me what I could or couldn’t do when I grew up. I was 9 years old. It didn’t stop me wanting to do it whatsoever, but it did make me doubt how realistic that idea was. 

To this day, I still have that little thought bubble bit of paper. Funny enough it fell out of my loft a little while ago. It made me smile because I am certainly an actress now.

When I think about it, everyone doubted me — and it made me doubt how possible it was to do what I wanted to. As I’ve gotten older and decided I was going to do what I want anyway, I began to thrive off of people’s doubt. I remind myself that the people who doubt me are the people who doubt themselves. They won’t amount to much, and it doesn’t matter what they think.  

It’s easy to ignore the doubters if you decide to be brave. The braver you are, the more confident you will be. Confidence comes from being brave. Be confident, you have absolutely nothing to lose. This is YOUR life, and you are ALLOWED to be as confident as you want. 

My mum always told me to go for it, and be brave. She raised two children and paid two mortgages with a full time job completely alone and now she runs her own radio station with her boyfriend called Mad Wasp Radio. I think it’s so cool that she does whatever she wants and has stayed creative all throughout her life. 

Be brave. When I’m stuck, that’s always what comes to mind and that’s always what works.

Being brave allows you to feel as if you nothing in the world to lose — and it’s liberating. If you are ever at rock bottom, it is the best place to start. I was 20 years old, I lost my job in the gym as a fitness instructor (which I had for 2 years). I had car insurance, phone bills and rent to pay, but I just knew it was now or never. I needed to be brave, and I’m so glad that I was.

I applied to a performing arts college, used my student loan to do workshops with National Youth Theatre, went to Identity School of Acting for 3 terms, got braces, new headshots, booked loads of adverts, got an acting agent, and then the ball was rolling.

I’ve been rejected way more than I think people realize. For all the cool jobs I’ve done and the money I’ve made, there’s hundreds and hundreds of big things I’ve been told no to and missed out on. I auditioned for Marvel (which is one of my biggest dreams) in 2018 and again in 2019. I didn’t get the part and it took me a good few days before I could get out of bed. I want people to know for everything exciting and glamorous there’s been a lot of crap to get to that point. And if you’re getting rejected a lot more often than you’re being booked/successful — don’t worry. You’re not doing it wrong, you’re just one rejection closer to the next yes.


Emma Louise Webb

Emma Louise Webb is an an actress, dancer, singer/songwriter and writer from South East London.

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