Introduce yourself! Who are you?
My name is Elise Darma and I am an agency owner, Instagram marketer, and a coach to freelancers. I started all of this as a side hustle in 2013 while I worked a day job in marketing and tech. I took my marketing skills and started offering them to clients. Nine months after I took on my first client, I quit my day job. I have been doing this full time since 2014.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
My grade 12 English teacher who told me that "Good is better than great." At first that phrase made absolutely no sense at all, but I think she could pick up on that fact that I was a perfectionist. Sometimes that perfectionism holds you back and so she really taught me that sometimes getting it out there and getting it done in a way that is good and satisfactory to you is much better than letting it drag out until you think that it's great or perfect.

What do you love most about yourself?
I love my ability to be a chameleon. I feel like I can transform and tap into to different traits and strengths when I need to.

What motivates you most?
Freedom. I grew up in a very conservative Christian religion. While it gave me a certain direction and focus in life, what it did make me realize was that I didn't want to live my life in that box that you're supposed to when you're part of an organized religion. That kicked off my first trip to Europe and really my obsession with travel. I have been obsessed with continually expanding my horizons and having that feeling of being totally free.

What is something on your bucket list?
I feel really fortunate that a lot of things on my bucket list I've been able to do. One place that I'd really love to go to is, Tibet.

What are your biggest passions?
Travel is a huge passion of mine. It's a big part of what I do and the brand I built. Even before all that stuff was in place I was just obsessed with traveling since the time I was a teenager. I also really love music, I taught piano for 7-8 years. I really enjoy music that I can connect with. I would say my last biggest passion is trampolines. I love trampolines. I can't wait for the day I can buy property and put a trampoline in my backyard.

More About Elise

Elise Darma makes beaches, coffee shops and co-working spaces her office by working remotely, all while growing her international marketing agency, Canupy. She's run her agency full-time through over 30 international cities, with spotty WiFi and monkeys grabbing at her snacks (true story).
Through her agency, she's collectively grown Instagram accounts to over 250,000 followers, brokered 100s of deals between influencers and brands, and has delivered more blogs and newsletters than she can count.
With an Instagram following of over 70,000, Elise additionally offers online courses and one-on-one coaching to other aspiring "travelpreneurs" who seek freedom from the 9-5.