Introduce yourself! Who are you?
My name is Debbie Sherman; I am a wife, mother of two with one on the way and an actress. I relish all of the hats that I wear and give each one the attention and love that it deserves. I have a type A personality and have recently learned to love myself with a full, open and forgiving heart, which is not easy for this self proclaimed perfectionist, but is necessary to live a full and abundant life. 
Acting is relatively new for me, as I’ve only been on the scene for the last year and a half. It is such an exiting and unpredictable industry. My latest movie will be  hitting theaters on March 9th. The film is called The Forgiven and I am so honored to be cast in a film with Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana. Here is a link to the film on IMDB: The trailer can be viewed there. It is a heart wrenching film that takes place right after the end of the Apartheid in South Africa. I hope the audience will be truly touched by this film.

What would you say to 16 year old you?
I would tell the high school me to stop caring about what other people think about you. You are strong, worthy and so loved. There is a beautiful freedom that comes with not putting validity and merit into the hands and mouths of people who don’t care about you. Be unapologetically you. You will never live a full and abundant life if you focus on others opinions of you. In the end you will never please everyone. Instead focus on your own passions and ambitions and run like the wind toward them. You are your greatest motivator and you are your greatest obstacle. 
What is your greatest fear?
Child birth? Haha. I’ve done it twice and am getting ready to do it again in four months. Thinking about it gives me anxiety. I’ve had some truly intense pain and a couple of crazy birth stories so I’m praying baby number three will be my easiest birth yet. 
Why do you love to travel?
Experiencing different cultures, people, food and lands is what fuels me. I have a passionate fire that is fueled further by each and every destination I venture to. There is something so uniquely and profoundly beautiful about strolling through a city or village that you have never discovered before. It awakens my soul and gives me new eyes to view the world through. Each time I travel my eyes are opened wider to this great big world and all she has to offer. You can follow along with me on my journeys at

What motivates you most?
Honestly… I am by biggest motivator, challenger, cheerleader, pusher and lover. I came to learn some time ago, that no one is going to fight for me like I will for myself. 
What is your favorite meal?
Homemade pasta is my absolute favorite. There is a little restaurant in Positano, Italy that makes the world’s best pasta. I am obsessed and could eat it every night for dinner. Hands down my very favorite thing to eat on this planet.
Where do you find inspiration?
In this day and age you can find inspiration everywhere. With social media and the internet, you can basically be inspired by any and everything. I have met so many fantastic women through social media that I would never have had the privilege to come in contact with in my every day life. Social platforms can be a place of love and friendship if used in the right way and with the right set of eyes. I find inspiration from fellow travel lovers, bloggers and actors. They are all so very creative and talented and I cheer these ladies on daily. 
One of my favorite places to find inspiration is in nature. I’ve never felt as free and open to create and be inspired than when I am standing small in awe of the vast ocean. Sitting on the waters edge and admiring the seemingly unreal colors of the expansive sea that only a God of true wonders could have created. 
What are your biggest passions?
My family, acting, travel and philanthropy are some of my biggest passions. I wish I could do each of these all day everyday, but I am so very grateful for the opportunity to pursue them all. 
What are some words that describe you? 
Words that I would use to describe myself are: mother, wife, travel enthusiast, decor ninja, kindness crusader, a voice for the voiceless, daughter of Christ, and advocate for orphans.
What is something on your bucket list?
I would love to take an around the world cruise! Have you guys heard of these? It’s awesome! You visit amazing cities all around the world and it takes six months to a year depending on the itinerary. Since I am a travel enthusiast, this would be a dream come true for me! It’s at the top of my bucket list! 
What message do you think every woman should hear?
You are loved and you are so very worthy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Know your worth and live your life with that precious knowledge. Only you can make yourself feel fully loved and worthy, so make it your life’s mission to know this truth and live it out daily. 
What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
Pray. I spend time with God in prayer and in quiet time (some may call it meditation). This allows me to grow as a person individually and in my faith. In this special time I am able to verbalize and speak out what I need and want from God and confess my fears and trails.
I have always held a very special place in my heart for children. And then, when I became a mother, that place grew even bigger. My children are blessed; they lead abundantly beautiful lives, filled with so much love and joy. This, unfortunately, is not the reality for many children.  Some children are abandoned, trafficked, abused, and forgotten. I want to save every child. I want each and every child on this planet to be loved like my children are loved, to be held and cared for and to be given opportunities to succeed in this life that is so full of wonder and amazement. I know that I can’t save every child; not even close, but every time I speak out, another person’s eyes are opened and another person is given an opportunity to help these children that are so deserving. So I speak, I tweet, I blog, I post, I partner with organizations and charities and I do what I can. From my living room in Southern California I can do something, even if it’s just a little something and so can you. 
I partner with several organizations that strive to serve children who have been abandoned, sex trafficked, orphaned and/or unloved. When I was filming The Forgiven in Cape Town, South Africa I was delighted to visit Siyaphambili Orphanage just outside of Cape Town. Siyaphambili [pronounced See-ya-fam-bee-lee] means “moving on” in isiXhosa (a common language spoken in that area) and is the guiding mission of the Village. This orphanage strives to help children and young people who have become severely infected by the AIDS epidemic in South Africa and who suffer from food insecurity and poverty. It is no small task as currently 23 children live in a two bedroom home at the orphanage. Having met and spent time with the children and their caretakers, I feel extremely blessed to have felt the love, kindness, and childlike innocence that these sweet faces still possess. In the face of abandonment, sickness, hunger and cramped quarters, these kids are still just kids and they ooze a contagious joy that is a pure gift from God. They deserve full bellies, beds, access to medical care and adequate schooling. For anyone reading this that wants to help or learn more please visit
Thailand and Cambodia are hotspots for human trafficking. I learned about the realities of this horrific billion dollar industry in my early 20’s and haven’t been the same since. I am very passionate about putting a stop to human trafficking and rehabilitating the victims (some just children) of this horrific crime. Daughters of Cambodia is an organization that is doing great work in the human trafficking space. This organization is changing lives for victims of sex trafficking. I have spent time raising money and donating to the rehabilitation of victims of this horrible crime. Daughters of Cambodia empowers girls trapped in sex trafficking to start a new life. They offer job training and employment to these women and girls. They also offer education, social programs, counseling and much more. They are currently expanding to the Philippines and Australia. To get involved please visit
On a trip to Thailand last year I had the opportunity to visit The Light House Children’s Home right outside of Chiang Mai. During my visit, I toured the facility, played games with the kids, sang songs, picked flowers and the children played with a Polaroid camera I brought. The children loved taking pictures of each other and really relished the opportunity to keep the Polaroids. We met a sweet six year old boy who had three of his fingers blown off because he wasn’t being watched at home and was playing with fireworks. Many of these children have parents who are in jail, parents who were trafficking their children or no parents at all. The Light House is a safe place where they have the opportunity to go to school, feel loved and safe and pursue dreams that might otherwise have been impossible. The spirit of these children is truly inspiring and up lifting. They are full of life. The Light House Children’s Home has made such a radical change in these children’s lives and it comes full circle as spending time with these children has made a radical change in my life. To donate your time or treasure click on the following link
There are so many worthy causes out there and a vast array of people who are in need of our love, support, donations, time and talent. I challenge everyone to find an organization, charity or cause that their hearts align with and make a conscious choice to give of themselves like they never have before. The humble and extraordinary Mother Theresa once said, “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Love makes all the difference.

More About Debbie

Debbie Sherman is a wife, mother, actress, philanthropist and travel enthusiast. You can follow her journey to explore the world, live a passionate full life, touch others by giving back and pursue her passion of acting at

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