Introduce yourself! Who are you?
Hey Everyone! My name is Danielle, (you can also call me Dani), and I’m just a regular California native with a passion for helping people. I host a podcast, create youtube videos, design websites, all for the greater good of helping women take one more step towards the futures they desire.

What is one thing no one really knows about you?
Hmm, something no one really knows about me is that I’ve only broken one bone and it was in fourth grade at my first summer camp. I sleptwalk for the first and only time off my top bunk bed, onto the floor. Let’s just say, I haven’t chose the top bunk ever since. Oh! And for a not so exciting one, I am lefthanded while both my parents are right handed. (Hence, forever smudged back side of hand).

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I ever received was “Keep What Resonates, and Drop the Rest”. Something I take with me in every business instance, and every life event. Because too many of us (including me at some point) do the all or nothing approach. And we all know how that ends, so instead, go with what is calling you, drop what doesn’t interest you.

What would you say to 16 year old you?
Oof, this is two fold. For those who don’t know, my step mom passed away from cancer when I was 17. So I would tell my 16 year old self to spend as much time as you can with her, and document it. Because now I only have a couple pictures when I was younger and a few terrible hair choices ago. For business, I would say start learning what you like. I spent so long then worrying about what my parents wanted for me, and not what I wanted.

What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is not to live my life to the fullest I can. I’ve been around a sense of urgency for time for years after seeing my mom pass away. So since then, I try to live my life in a way that I won’t long term regret.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
A message that I think every woman should hear is this: “I see you, I hear you, you are loved, and you are enough.” I’ve told this to instagram commenters, to friends, and any woman I can because my hope is the more you hear those words, the more you’ll start to believe them about yourself.

What do you love most about yourself?
What I love most about myself is my drive and care for others. I think the combination of the two is why whenever I get on a call with a client I can zero in on what they need, while still being compassionate about where they are.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned along the way?
The biggest thing I’ve learned along the way is you are only alone if you want to be. As an only child for most of my life, I thought I had to be fully independent from the start. When in reality, it’s all about collaboration and partnership in life and business. Especially in your teens to twenties when you’re still figuring out yourself and life.

Why do you love to travel?
I love to travel because I love to experience life. I think it can be easy to stick with where we currently are but travel pushes you to see the parts of the world, people, and yourself, you’re not used to.

What motivates you most?
My biggest motivation is time. For those who know me, know I’m obsessed with the Hamilton musical. And yes, it is awesome, but more so I relate with Hamilton as he had early loss in his life and since then dedicated himself to writing and working as much as he could before his time ran up. Since I had early loss as well, I have always been aware that time on earth is short, so I want to do the most I can with each day given to me.

How do you manage your work-life balance?
Oh this is a hard one for me to answer. I am slowly figuring it out myself. I have the constant work mode gene inside of me, so it can be hard to walk away. But I try to remind myself, especially on social media, that I am not meant to watch someone else’s life, yet experience my own. So one of the easiest things I do for myself is a morning walk before anything else and just be present during that time.

What is your favorite meal?
I’m pretty plain jane over here, but I would say tofu Thai Fried Rice. I used to be vegan/vegetarian (now pescatarian) and since then still love this dish.

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
I listen to an audiobook each day on my morning walks and try to listen to one podcast episode each day in the car. These small wins help keep my going in the right direction.

What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?
One thing people would be surprised to hear about me would be is I have a cousin who was born on the exact same day, year, month as me. We are 12 hours apart and truly don’t understand how that happened, but it’s always a fun to share a birthday with someone you enjoy.

If you weren’t doing the job you have now, what would you be doing?
If I weren’t doing the job I have now, I’d probably be working at Starbucks. Because the flexible hours and good people would allow me to travel and figure out where I’d want to go next.

What is something on your bucket list?
As of January I had travel to Europe on my bucket list, and can safely say that was crossed off as I had New Years in London, and went to Paris and Rome around the same time. (Highly Recommend Rome for anyone who loves World History like me).

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from people. Because this covers everything, from the laptop I am writing on currently, to the music blaring in my headphones bringing me peace and creativity.

What are your biggest passions?
My biggest passions would be self improvement, helping women see they are enough and worthy of what they are, and miniature schnauzers. I grew up with one and ever since then I love any schnauzer that passes me on the street.

More About Danielle

Danielle Klemm is a Website/Branding Designer + Social Media Manager for Female Small Business Owners Wanting to Share their Message and Be Seen. With an iced coffee in one hand, and a kickboxing glove on the other. When she's not training for her first Muay Thai Kickboxing first this year, then she is passionate about serving the world by helping others see the potential in themselves and their business, and to showcase in a way that is aligned with their future.
And host to The Female Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast where they bring the ‘real’ back to entrepreneurial reality. As each episode guides you through the different paths walked and lessons learned by fellow bosses, how they got through it, and tips that got them there. Sprinkled in with a little business branding and a whole lot of heart.

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