Healing Will Happen

with Christine Bradstreet

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
My entire life, my passion has been healing.

First I did that as a chiropractor. I helped people have less pain and reach their optimal level of physical health. Then I closed my chiropractic practice to follow a calling to delve into learning how I could help people heal what I consider to be the true root of dis-ease, the mind. I witnessed over and over again how the thoughts and beliefs of patients were causing or contributing to their physical pain, as well as to their relationship and financial problems.

People come to me for help with chronic health problems, relationship difficulties, career roadblocks, and performance limitations. When we boil it down, any challenge we face starts within the mind, and that’s where progress and healing will happen.

What’s your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is that I’ll run out of time. My mother died when she was 59, and I lost a sister when she was only 45. Since then, I’ve felt life chasing me, and driving me to squeeze as much in to the time I have. So many diverse things excite me, and I want to try them all!

What’s it like to be a Businesswoman?
My take on this question is different. My sole experience has been from a woman’s perspective, so I’ll say what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

I’ve been an entrepreneur nearly my entire career. I spent a few years learning the ropes before setting out on my own, then I never looked back. I rarely had fear or doubt about starting or running my own business. I’ve always had a voice deep within me that told me it would work. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t damn hard or scary at times, but I always knew in the end, everything would be ok.

To be an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to not let typical doubts stop you. “What will you do for health insurance?” – You’ll purchase your own. “Aren’t you scared you’ll fail?” – Yeah, but I do it anyway. “What about the long hours?” – Hey, if I’m going to work long hours, I want it to be for me and for the people I’m trying to help. I’m going to be doing things I feel passionate about, so it usually doesn’t even feel like work.

It takes guts, it takes being willing to fall down, it takes willingness to please some people and let others go, it means making tough decisions and holding people accountable, and it comes with an enormous dose of satisfaction.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?
About two years ago, my husband and I moved to Florida. I lived my entire life in the northeast. First in western New York and then in New England. I absolutely love Florida.

Ok, we do have “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman”, but I’m still giddy with the excitement of being outdoors every day. The birds are exotic, the plant life is lush and tropical, sometimes the air smells like orange juice, and I’ve never made friends so easily in my life.

On a deeper level, a big move like this is an opportunity for re-creation. If you’ve lived in the same place your entire life, or for any substantial length of time, labels begin to stick to you. You’re known as the person who does….. Even positive labels can be a barrier for people to see you as anything else when you venture forth to start a new path.

Anyone can make change at any time or place, but starting new in a new place definitely removes some resistance!

What’s one thing not many people know about you?
In middle school I was faster than all the boys.

I ran 50 yard hurdles in middle school track and field. It was co-ed. I was undefeated, but it was middle school and pre social media, so no one knew it. I was such a skinny, scrawny little thing that the boys would look at me with a smirk on their faces when they lined up with me at the starting line. Then I would beat them. LOL I never saw their faces after the race.

How do you manage your work life balance?
Work-Life balance has been precious to me, but it hasn’t always been easy.

One key ingredient is to be fully present in whatever I’m doing at the moment. When I’m working, I focus on work. When I’m with my husband or my kids, I focus on them. As best I can, I keep weekends for relaxation or work around the house, and not work on the computer.

I make sure I do one thing each day that’s either just for fun, for self care, or to maintain social connections. I sneak in time to pray, meditate or do some yoga throughout the week, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

Now, I have to acknowledge I have a lot of opportunities at this point that I didn’t have years ago, and that many other people don’t have now. My kids are grown and out of the house, so I no longer have the demands of raising small children. I’m self employed, so I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck or threatening to fire me. I’ve never had to work two jobs.

Even if time and money or of short supply, take a walk, spend fun time with your family, appreciate nature, listen to music….do a few things just for you. Take care of yourself, so you can be strong to keep helping others.

What do you love most about yourself?
What I love most about myself is the flip side of what I least like about myself.

I’ve struggled with anxiety since childhood. At times it’s stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. At times it’s given me migraine headaches, racing heartbeats, and upset stomachs to name a few. Anxiety is still a constant companion everywhere I go.

But, anxiety has made me a fierce fighter for the underdog. It’s made me a comforter, because I just want to help other people feel safe. Also, anxiety has inspired me to do all sorts of fear inducing things because I love the feeling of triumphing over fear. Yes I feel afraid, or like I could throw up, but I do it anyway, and it becomes a stepping stone to the next great thing.

Where do you find inspiration?
The world is full of external events, sights, and sounds that can inspire us, but those things are fleeting. For lasting inspiration, it has to come from a core value deep within you.

I find my inspiration from my lifelong curiosity about human behavior and a desire to help people break the chains of what’s been holding them back from experiencing the lives of their dreams.

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
Life = Growth. We’re either growing or shrinking, nothing can stay at a standstill. So, I’d rather be growing, and growing with some direction.

I love to try new things. New this year? Adult ballet (I’d never taken a ballet lesson in my life!) and Swivel Ski! You’ll have to Google that to see what it looks like.

Today, there’s no shortage of easy access to free learning via the web. Blog articles, videos, and online courses to name a few. I explore new things constantly.

Internally, I pray and/or meditate regularly. The Universe can sure teach me a few things!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
A childhood that bordered on abusive led me to be fearful and uncertain. I didn’t want to feel afraid, so instead I felt angry because anger felt like power. I was angry nearly all the time. I mistook anger for power, and when I figured that out, it all dissolved away. I learned I didn’t need to be angry to be heard. I learned it was ok to admit when I felt afraid. I learned that not everything is a battle. When learned those lessons, my life, and the lives of the people I love, improved in a way that’s hard to measure.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
Forge the path that works for you. For years I modeled other people’s business ideals and models. But guess what, those models were usually made by men with stay-at-home wives. I was a single mother. Those men never had to cancel an entire day’s worth of clients because their kid woke up with a fever. They weren’t spending ten hours a week driving kids to school and to sports. If you’ve been struggling to make it, and you feel like you’ve been doing all the right things, try doing something completely different.

It reminds me of trying to learn a sport with someone else’s borrowed gear. If the gear doesn’t fit you, you’re going to suck at the sport no matter how much potential you have. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Don’t listen to limitations people try to put on you about your age, your gender, or “the way it’s always been done.” You be You

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Christine Bradstreet is a chiropractor, a certified health coach, and a metaphysician. She teaches people to create more of what they crave in their lives —more health and wellness in their bodies, minds, and spirits.

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