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with Christen Lockett

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
My name is Christen Lockett and I am originally from Naperville, Illinois, but now live in Texas.

What is one thing no one really knows about you?
Oh wow. I am not really sure because I feel like an open book. Maybe that I really love real estate and have always collected real estate books since I was young.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I received is to let go and let God. I often worry about a lot of things that I cannot control, so it is an everyday struggle to lay my burdens before the Lord and to trust in His timing.

What would you say to 16 year old you?
To 16 year old me I would say do not worry about the boys, impressing people, or fitting in because you have NO idea how amazing of a woman you grow up to be!

What is your greatest fear?
My greatest fear is not fulfilling God’s purpose. I constantly make sure that what I am doing is in tune with what I am hearing from Him.

Have you ever had anyone doubt you? How did that make you feel?
Oh yes tons of times. It made me stronger because I am strong in my faith and the abilities that God has given me, so I have learned to let doubts and fears fuel my fire.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
I think every woman should hear that she is fearfully and wonderfully made. As women, we often let society dictate our place and belittle our strengths. It is so important that we know and embrace our God-given strengths!

What is it like to be a businesswoman?
Being a businesswoman definitely has it’s struggles because I often times feel overwhelmed or like I am forgetting to do something, but it has definitely played a huge part in my maturity and finding my passions.

What is your favorite thing about where you live?
I love all of the restaurants! I am a huge foodie, so I am so happy to live by so many amazing food choices 🙂

What do you love most about yourself?
I think I love my personality the most. I love that I love hard and that I am very friendly. I am always down to make a new friend. 

Do you remember a specific time you overcame adversity?
Definitely. In 2017 I battled heavily with anxiety and not being able to feel comfortable in public. It took almost a full year of recovery, but I am so glad that I am not where I used to be, by the grace of God.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
The biggest lesson that I have learned is that our mind is a very powerful tool. We must feed our minds with positive thoughts and watch what we surround ourself with. You do not realize how negative thinking can affect you not only mentally, but also physically.

What motivates you most?
My family! I have the most amazing parents and I always strive to make them proud.

How do you manage your work-life balance?
I make sure that I carve out some time for myself whether it is reading, working out, or just simply resting! I also have a great group of friends who always remind me to take a break.

What is your favorite meal?
Oh wow this is tough… but I would have to say CHICKEN TENDERS 🙂

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
I start my day off with a Bible verse and positive quote. I always try to start the day on a positive note and carry that energy throughout my day. I also try to learn something new every day. My dad always tells me that we should never stop learning, so I always look for something new or a way to challenge myself.

Do you have a mentor? If so, what did they teach you?
I have a lot of great people that have influenced my life so it is hard to choose just one, but I would say that Jessica Hazard has taught me a lot about how to conduct myself in business as a woman and how to fight for opportunities for myself!

What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?
Oh wow I am not sure. Maybe that I run most of everything I do, by myself. Besides running my company, I also have a full-time job and a women’s bible study group. I just now got an intern!

Why did you start your company?
I started my company because I realized my passion and my talents. I also started getting a lot more word of mouth business, so it was time to be official!

Were you scared to start your business?
Not at all! I have an amazing support system that helped me throughout the entire process.

What is the best thing about being a founder of a company?
The best thing about being a founder of a company is the ability to be able to leave a legacy. I hope my company grows to be something that I can pass on to my family in the future.

If you weren’t doing the job you have now, what would you be doing?
I still work in marketing full-time so not much would change 🙂

What is something on your bucket list?
To travel to Thailand! 

Who is your biggest role model? Why?
My parents are my biggest role models because they are both so awesome. They have taught me so much from their personal journeys and have both inspired me on my own journey.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from the company that I keep. A lot of my friends and family are very unique and awesome people. So they constantly inspire me whether it is professionally or just to be the best version of me!

What are your biggest passions?
PEOPLE! I love helping and inspiring others. I pray that I get to continue to do that forever.

More About Christen

Christen Lockett is the founder of Lockett-Up PR, where she helps to strengthen her client’s brands and promote their success. She has been involved with and inspired by the sports industry from the start. During her time at Texas Christian University, she danced for the TCU Showgirls, was a student worker for TCU Football, taught dance class at the TCU Campus Recreation Center and danced professionally for the WNBA. Working in student-athlete development fueled her fire to help athletes prepare for the life outside of their sport.

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