What's the Best Advice You've Ever Recevied?

With Ashley Mendoza

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
My name is Ashley Mendoza, I’m the blogger behind All Things Ashley Lauren! All Things Ashley Lauren is a lifestyle blog that features all things beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, basically anything and everything! I’m also a social worker by day and work with families and children with the focus on early childhood mental health. I’m from San Antonio, Texas- born and raised! 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was actually from an old boss I had when I was working in a car dealership (which was one of the best and fun jobs I’ve ever had). He would always say to bet on yourself a million times because no one is going to invest more in yourself, than you. Or something along those lines. And honestly that has stuck with me throughout this whole process. At the time, hearing that message over and over I would just take it with a grain of salt, but now growing my blog I’ve learned to appreciate it and its a saying that replays in my mind a lot. I’ll always bet on myself because I know I’ll never let myself down and no one is going to work as hard to make sure I succeed other than me. 

What would you say to 16 year old you?
To not care so much about what other people think or say about you, not everyone is going to like you and thats okay, stop worrying so much about boys and just have fun with your friends.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
Learn to love and make yourself happy first before trying to rely on someone else to do that for you.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned along the way?
To always do what makes you happy, regardless of what others think. I use to worry so much about what people thought that it was almost crippling at some points. That’s honestly what stopped me from making my blog for a few years after I already had the idea because I was so scared of what people would say or if they would think I was dumb. I’ve gotten a lot better at not caring, but its always a work in progress. But definitely that, to not care and just go for whatever makes you happy!

What motivates you most?
Honestly, envisioning myself completing my goals is one of my biggest motivators. I’m really big on positive thinking and envisioning what I want to do or succeed and having them come into reality. So for me, that’s what motivates me the most to keep going and to work hard for what I want. And honestly, it works. I’ve been able to be a part of some amazing things that I use to dream about happening. 

What is your favorite meal?
I would never turn down pizza or pasta. 

What do you do on a daily basis to grow and move forward?
When I’m feeling unmotivated or in a funk, I read positive quotes. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s something I’ve always done. Surrounding yourself with positivity and thinking positive thoughts is something that has helped me get through whatever I’m going through at the moment or help give me that extra push of motivation.

What are your biggest passions?
I really enjoy helping others whether that be through finding affordable fashion pieces or through my professional work as a social worker. I just want to have a positive impact on others around me in any way possible.

More About Ashley

Ashley Mendoza is a San Antonio based lifestyle blogger by night/weekend and social worker by day. She has been blogging for two years and her lifestyle blog includes all things beauty, fashion, fitness, and everything else in between. Some of her accomplishments over the last two years including local and national brand partnerships which include being a studio ambassador for InBalance Alamo Ranch, a local fitness studio in San Antonio, as well as larger partnerships with Herbal Essence and the Proctor and Gamble Company. Ashley hopes her blog and Instagram page is a place where people can not only find affordable fashion/lifestyle inspiration but also for people to feel inspired to live their best lives, get a few laughs, and gain a positive connection. 

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