you are worth it

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Hi, I’m Ashley! I’m a money coach and founder of the Fiscal Femme where it’s our mission to help women get wealthy because we believe financial well-being is the cornerstone of equality. When we are financially well we can negotiate harder, take more risks in our career, leave situations (and people) that are not serving us, and invest in the causes that are important to us. This means getting paid what we’re worth, getting women on management teams and on boards, and investing in women-owned businesses.

Always ask.
My dad modeled this for me throughout my life. When we went to tour colleges together, we ended up backstage with BB King (I got to hold his guitar Lucille) because he saw BB’s tour manager at our hotel and asked if there were any extra tickets (they were sold out online).

You are worth it.
We’re worth getting paid what we deserve, we’re worth taking time to take care of and treat ourselves, we’re worth receiving love, and we’re worth living the life we want.

Step into your fear.
Usually what I’m most scared of is the next thing I’m supposed to do. I was terrified of having my voice out in the world on a blog, then moved on to public speaking, then I created a music video. We’ll see what’s next!


What “they” think doesn’t matter.
We all have people who doubt us. Sometimes at first, it triggers me to doubt myself. But it ends up fueling the fire – I’ll show you.

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, is an author, entrepreneur and feminist who is on a mission to end inequality through financial well-being. She is the creator of the 30-Day Money Cleanse program, which has helped thousands of women cultivate harmonious relationships with money and achieve their financial goals. As a trusted money expert, she has been featured by Forbes, NBC, Glamour and the New York Times, among others.

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