Love Can Change Everything

with Amy W. Daughters

Introduce yourself! Who are you?
I am a 50-year old mother of two sons, a wife, a crappy runner, an amateur historian and a freelance writer. My first book, You Cannot Mess This Up: A True Story That Never Happened (She Writes Press) was out on June 4, 2019. I grew up in Houston, Texas but currently live in Dayton, Ohio. I love sports and am especially passionate about college football. I don’t like winter, or any temperature under 60 degrees, but also find falling snow to be the most peaceful, serene thing I’ve ever experienced.

What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?
Despite being a football fanatic, stats-nerd and a sportswriter, I do not like to watch sports 24/7 and I enjoy shows like the Real Housewives of Wherever. I’d rather watch a Lifetime movie than NASCAR and prefer to talk about my feelings than play basketball.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Upon receiving a scalding review for something I had written, one of my dearest friends sent me this via text, “Hope this isn’t TMI from me, but in the words of the judge in Legally Blonde, ‘If you’re gong to let one prick stand between you and your dreams, then you are not the girl I thought you were!”

What are your biggest passions?
Love. History. Red wine. Motherhood. Metal detecting. Ebay. Football. Time travel. Kindness. Vintage anything. YouTube. Athletic clothing. Swedish Fish. Target. Prayer. Reading. British Tea. Driving. Shenanigans. Friendship. Travel. Chatting. Golf. White wine. Writing.

What would you say to 16-year old you?
(1). Enjoy every moment of being skinny, from now until 50, because when you look back at pictures of yourself that’s exactly what you’re going to be. (2). Don’t waste your hotness – go with it. (3). Though you’ll never achieve it completely, attempt – on every single occasion you can – to be confident enough to conduct your emotional affairs unapologetically. (4). Take golf lessons, now. (5). Never, EVER get a perm. (6). Looking back is a lot more satisfying when you left everything you had on the table.

What is the best thing about being an author?
It’s a rock-solid excuse to share your feelings, thoughts and opinions on a bigger stage. Whether it’s why the college football national championship should be played on Saturday night, the effects of social media on relationships or a pretend trek back in time you always wanted to take – you can blame your over-sharing and zealous, wordy treatises on your “job.” It’s also getting paid to do what you absolutely must do anyway.

What is your favorite meal?
Spicy chicken wings and ice-cold, light beer. My doctor also recommends blue-cheese, a prescription that as a health-conscious, semi-almost-petite woman – I fill enthusiastically.

Have you ever had anyone doubt you? How did that make you feel?
When I was in high school, I was taking Geometry while everyone else had moved on to Algebra II. My math teacher, Mrs. Lucas, asked each of us what our future aspirations were. I told her I wanted to attend college and get a degree in business. She told me, based on my math skills, that this was a pipe dream. She even chuckled when she said it. It’s probably the best single thing anyone has ever said to me. Not only did I go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from THE Texas Tech University, I’ve used Mrs. Lucas’ words to motivate me in virtually every instance when I was sure I couldn’t do something.

Could I really be a woman who writes about college football and the call-in expert on several radio shows, even as I’m getting emails telling me to “get back into the kitchen”? Yes. Would they really send me to cover the Orange Bowl? Absolutely. Could I really write a humorous book about time travel and get it published? It would take time, but you better believe it.

What message do you think every woman should hear?
The only validation you need is inside of you.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?
Love is the most powerful force on the planet. When it comes with zero conditions, expectations or judgement it is absolutely unstoppable. It has the power to make individuals’ different approaches to religion, politics, beliefs, sexuality, class, gender, nationality and any other “issue,” completely and totally irrelevant. Love – in its purest form – really can change everything.

Amy W. Daughters

Amy W. Daughters has been a freelance writer, focusing mostly on college football, for the past decade

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