A Letter To My Younger Self

By Morgan Tyler

Dear Younger Self,
Keep baking. It will become therapy someday.
Speak up child, your opinion is validated.
Tell your mind to pipe down, your heart is patiently waiting for a turn.
Eat every bit of mom’s cooking while you can, cooking for yourself isn’t nearly as fun and doesn’t taste as good.
Love whomever you want to love, without hesitation.
Ask questions. Say no. Curiosity and firmness do not equal rudeness or stubbornness.
Embrace sex. It’s a pleasure, not a duty.
Thank your guardian angels more, you do a lot of stupid shit.
I know you think you have youe life planned out, but you don’t and that’s ok. Sometimes plans are overrated anyways.
For goodness sake wear a hat out of 5am morning swim practices and your throat won’t feel as sore.
Stop judging others, you know nothing of their stories.
You think you’re going to work in a hospital, but you actually start doing yoga on this weird app that you aren’t even a part of yet and it becomes your full time job.
Keep smiling that big, old smile. You spread so much happiness without knowing it.rTell your siblings you love them more. Someday you will live all over the world apart from each other.
Flat out sprint from anyone who causes you to feel less than or guilty for being exactly who you are. I promise there’s better out there.
You’re going to make mistakes. Lots of them. Forgive yourself.
Don’t be too stoked about turning 21, tbh, the early-mid twenties suck.
Keep believing the best in people. But not too much.
Dear younger self.
Buckle down.
I’m so proud of who you are becoming, but you haven’t seen shit yet.
Future You.

Morgan Tyler

Morgan Tyler is a late-twenties, Kentucky-living girl that always finds magic in the moment.

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