5 Inspirational Delaware Women You Need To Meet

Lauren Golt

"I realized I didn’t love my corporate job, even though I was kicking ass, so I walked away. I left a fabulous salary, amazing benefits, and job security to start my own marketing agency. For me, channeling my heartache into my business helped me heal."

Lauren Golt is the founder of Social Stylate — a full-service creative marketing boutique that offers social media management, email & online marketing, web design, SEO, media relations and content creation. Social Stylate develops and executes marketing strategies that create effective communications and consumer awareness with quantifiable growth for their clients.

Meghan Santana

"A message that I found important to me and I think to all women, would be that it’s totally OK to grow slow. I would rather grow as a person comfortably then try and rush to succeed just because other girls around me are “ahead” Life isn’t short. It’s the longest thing you’ll ever do."

Meghan Santana is the 21 year old owner and creative mind behind Chicka Artistic Photography and Chicka & Co, an online boutique. She loves capturing the beauty in every aspect of life. Meghan loves watching “The Office”, cuddling cats, drinking coffee, and collaborating with others.

Jessica Ruggieri

"Every woman should know how beautiful she is. I've always had a positive self-concept and when I found out how rare this was, it broke my heart.  I want every woman to feel loved and beautiful.  You are loved and beautiful."

Jessica Ruggieri is the Operations Manager & Ambassador of Inclusion of The Fun Dept., the world’s leading consultants in workplace fun. She is also a Les Mills fitness instructor and personal trainer. Jessica strives to inspire others to become their best possible self as well as build authentic community. She says faith, fitness, fun, and friends about sums it up

Lauryn Elder

"Beauty is NOT a size. Health is NOT a size. When you mix the diet culture and the unrealistic ideals of "beauty," together it is detrimental. Your body does not define you, your soul does. It does not have to be difficult, taking care of yourself should be simple, self love SHOULD be simple....do not let them make you believe otherwise."

Lauryn Elder is a behavior therapist for children with autism and a dance teacher. She just recently became a wife to her amazing husband and is a puppy mom to the silliest rescue pit-bull. Lauryn is an advocate for rescue pups, kids with special needs, and for health and wellness. She is a lover of all types of art, of food and of the simple things in life like essential oils, tea and sunsets.

Jen Marek

"Go for it, challenge yourself, put yourself out there emotionally, and ask for the raise if you deserve it. Take the chance on yourself and believe in you! Just breathe and keep on going."

Jennifer Marek is the Director of Creative Mentoring at Connecting Generations. She is enthusiastic about working with youth and developing and strengthening the mentor and mentee relationship.
Jen enjoys spending time with her loving family in Delaware.

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