10 Things Every Woman Should Hear

1. “We can’t do this life alone. We must value others and understand that community is powerful! Women are strong, but women can’t do it solo. No one can! Honor each other, embrace the gifts around you and cheer each other on!” — Kirsten GroveInterior Stylist and author

2. “Don’t compare yourself to others. You can never be the better version of them, you can only be the better version of you.” — Debbie Arcangeles, Podcaster and Therapist 

3. “You are loved and you are so very worthy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Know your worth and live your life with that precious knowledge. Only you can make yourself feel fully loved and worthy, so make it your life’s mission to know this truth and live it out daily.” — Debbie Sherman, Actress & Philanthropist 

4. “Life is tough, my darling but so are you.” A simple quote I stumbled upon recently that really hit home. Life is never perfect. Of course, we each face our own challenges. With belief in one’s self and a great team around her, I believe every woman can persevere. — Meryl Davis, Gold Medal Olympian

5.   “Always remain true to yourself. Never be afraid to be vulnerable because sometimes vulnerability is the only way you find strength. Never say I can’t! Always fight for what you believe in and believe in yourself if no one else will.”Brittany Telfair, Cancer survivor and owner of Cancer Doll

6.  “We should all support one another. I believe every woman has something amazing to offer and if we all work together, it will be powerful. Strength in numbers.” — Rach Dimare, Breast Cancer Survivor 

7.   “I think every woman should know that she is so much more than whether or not she is married or has kids yet. Every woman is a living, breathing miracle with hopes, dreams, and an identity of her own. I hope all women build a life they are proud of. Anyone who comes into it is an addition to their life, not life itself.” — Subrina Hossain

8.  “All women are beautiful and powerful – we all have the ability to step into our unique power and walk in our purpose. It just takes getting rid of the illusion/fear our society was built on that held us back for so long. When women get together and celebrate one another how it’s meant to be, dope shit happens! The future really is female & WE CAN’T BE STOPPED!” Ashley Dominique, Founder of EatThriftLove

9.  “You are enough just as you are. Now, I don’t know if every person is always in the right frame of mind to hear it—which is why I’m saying it all the time always! I want everyone to feel like they’ve got permission to quit trying to fit into a certain mold of what kind of a person they’re supposed to be and just start living as they are. It can take a long time to figure out who that is, but it’s a worthy journey.”Libby Monaghan, creator of xoxolib.com

10.  “Live your life as though your worth isn’t found in your looks or your age. Believe that it’s true.” — Connie Chan, Photographer and Content Creator

What else should every woman hear? Leave a comment!

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