10 Life Lessons You'll Learn Along the Way

1.Being different will always be better than trying to be someone else. Be different, be unique, stand out. It’s the most cliché thing in the world, but I can’t stress how important it is. ” — Eva Phan, Blogger & Business Owner

2. “It sounds so cheesy, but to truly just trust the process. That our destiny is already written out for us. All we have to do is trust it.” — Cami Julaine, Singer/Influencer and public speaker

3. “The biggest thing I’ve learned along the way is that accidents happen, and we are all human. I will never try to be perfect, I will just try to do better every chance I get.” — Becca Silverstein, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

4. “To hold yourself accountable. It’s too easy when you get bad news or you’re having a rough day to lose patience with people. Politeness is always the first thing to slip when you feel like the world owes you something and I think its really important to check yourself along your journey. If we all walked around knowing that every other human is going through their own thing, and you should have empathy and just simply be nice, we’d all be so much better off.” — Nadia Gray, Actress

5.   “Always remember how important it is to 1. Not take life too seriously, 2. to empower yourself and 3. to never play to victim. Life can be really hard sometimes. I think what I have learned is you cannot let the hard times define you. When the hard times come around, when you feel stressed, when you’re exhausted ask yourself these questions: 1. What can I do right now? 2. What do I need to feel better? 3. What can I do to avoid this from happening again?…. and then take a giant deep breath and remember that there is always another day. I promise it works. Nothing good will ever come from pointing fingers, and only good things can come from self reflection. “Lauryn Elder, Behavioral Therapist

6.  “Don’t take life so seriously, waking up every day is a gift. How amazing is it that we are gifted with the sunrise and sunset in one day. What more do we really need?” — Tara Bennett, Yoga Teacher & Breast Cancer Survivor 

7.   “Nothing is permanent. You can always adjust and reset.” — Britney Clark, Speaker & Teacher

8.  It’s important to have goals and a ‘plan’ in place, but, it’s even more important to have a ‘flexible plan’. (As I like to nickname it, a ‘flexiplan’). Don’t get upset if your first plan didn’t work out, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in, be open to new opportunities and always stay positive. What’s meant to happen, will happen.” Nadia Bullock, Award-winning Hairstylist

9. “Let it go. Just, whatever thought or limiting belief or grudge or negative feeling you are holding, let it go.  Release the grip, ask yourself if that thought is really true, choose to believe something different instead. We all have the power to change our thoughts, and part of that is letting go of thoughts that are not serving us anymore.  Practice letting it go. Whoosh.” Danika Zoe, Leadership Coach

10.  “That we live the life we choose. Circumstances don’t define our inner landscape. There are happy people in every situation and miserable people in every situation. I choose happiness which can actually be a brave choice.” — Andrea Schroder, Candle & Fragrance Creator

What other life lessons have you learned along the way? Leave a comment!

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