My name is Mayra Beltran, I am 35 years old and I’m a single mom of two boys ages 6 & 3. 

I am a blogger and Mommy Coach who helps Mamas reignite that spark in their lives again.  Motherhood takes a toll on our bodies, relationships and life all together.  Often times, we find ourselves last on the list of priorities.   

After I had my second baby I felt depleted of all energy. I was no longer married and I felt like I had failed at this mom thing.  I was scared, overwhelmed and yes, depressed.  

It wasn’t until I had some help from a parent coach, family members and God.  I began to focus on myself and on my children and began to place my pawns back on the board.  

I had received so much love and support that I wanted to pay it forward and help other women who were overwhelmed and felt alone.

I enrolled in a Health and Wellness certification program and never looked back.  

My job as a counselor has helped me build a rapport with others and I’ve helped people with their issues.  However, my real passion is helping mothers build that confidence so that they can light that spark again and go for their dreams. 

Everything is truly possible!

More About Mayra

Mayra Beltran is a blogger living in Los Angeles with her two sons Frankie, 6, and Jacob, 3.  She writes all her blogs from vanity while drinking lots and lots of coffee.
Mayra is engaged and will be married in the early part of 2018.